— Should new WWE signee Ryan “Ryback” Reeves get called up to the main roster, it may be under a “Terminator” gimmick. During his most recent stint in Ohio Valley Wrestling, the 6’4″, 280 pound wrestler did a “Terminator” gimmick where he’s billed from “The Future.” He sports a leather vest and wears contact lenses where one eye is red and one eye is blue. Also, the movie’s theme song was his personal theme song in OVW. You can see photos of Ryback in his “Terminator” gimmick at the following link. Reeves nabbed his WWE developmental deal back this past week after WWE’s recent talent evaluation in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

— SmackDown star Umaga, who should be returning to the ring soon, is advertised to face Undertaker at the Friday, December 5th SmackDown/ECW house show at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, South Carolina. The match is being billed as a “first time meeting” by the two grapplers. Umaga is also advertised for a few matches in which he teams up with Vladimir Kozlov & Big Show to wrestle Undertaker, Triple H, and Jeff Hardy. For more information on the Greenville show, click here.

— Raw star D-Lo Brown turned 36 years old this past Wednesday. He posted a blog on his birthday on the WWE Universe site, which you can read at the following link. He also acknowledged his disappearance from television. Brown wrote: “I know a lot of you are wondering when I’m going to appear on Raw again. Be patient. I will be very soon!”

See photo of Undertaker in HIGH SCHOOL

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