Source: F4Online, Steve Gerweck

This past weekend when Ring of Honor was in New York City, WWE’s Johnny Ace wanted to have a meeting with ROH Champion and superstar Takeshi Morishima. Ace is said to be very high on the big man and wants to bring him into WWE. The meeting was squashed by NOAH – the Japanese promotion that has Morishima under contract and has a strong working relationship with ROH. This is not the first time WWE has wanted to sign Morishima. They approached him last year while he was training at Harley Race’s school, but NOAH stopped it from happening then too.

At this week’s TNA Impact tapings, talent was told by management that iMPACT! will be expanding to 2 hours very soon. This is great news, but the talent was not told if iMPACT! will be remaining on SpikeTV. In fact, the quote from TNA management is that “Things will change when we get our 2 hour show in October.” TNA has been negotiating with several other networks about a new home for iMPACT!, most notably the FOX Network, which owns several cable stations.

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