WWE Smackdown Live Results
May 28, 2019


We start the show with Kevin Owens hitting the middle of the ring. He says that he was going to kick off Smackdown Live with “THE KEVIN OWENS SHOW” but he can’t think of anything worse than being in the middle of the ring in Oklahoma and giving the Kevin Owens Show to people that are not worthy. He says that the only thing that makes it bearable is that he gets to beat the hell out of WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

He says that he has really developed a taste for beating down Big E last week. He is a good person, and he would never do something like that. If the New Day wants to blame him for something, they can blame him for something that he is actually responsible for, which is the pain that Xavier Woods has been in for several weeks now. Or the ending that Kofi will have at the hands of Dolph Ziggler at Super Showdown, which will be a direct result of what he does to Kofi tonight. Because it’s all about Kevin Owens and he is the show!

ITS A NEW DAY YES IT IS! Kofi comes out and calls Kevin Owens a liar, and he knows that he was the one that beat up Big E. He is also saying that he is going to soften Kofi up for Super Showdown, which is another lie. But what is going to happen is Kofi is going to make Owens pay for all the things he has down. But most importantly, he is going to leave with a clear cut understanding of why Kofi is YOUR WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!


Owens charges at Kofi right away and Kofi is down on the mat. He stomps away on the champion but Kofi fights up and starts to fight back. He grabs the legs of Owens and starts to hit Owens with rights and lefts. Owens hits back with a massive right hand. Kofi rolls to the outside and tries to get back in, but Owens hangs him up on the top rope. Kofi is laid out on the outside and Owens follows, delivering a senton to Kofi on the outside.

Back in the ring the two fight and Kofi sends Kevin Owens to the outside. He winds up and dives up and over hard onto Kevin Owens. Kofi puts Owens back in the ring and delivers the SOS, but Owens kicks out! Kofi goes up top, but Owens recovers and pushes Kofi to the outside! Owens puts Kofi back in the ring and locks in a deep sleeper. Kofi fights up, but Owens sends him crashing to the outside. Owens gets on the apron and hits a CRAZY frog splash to Kofi on the outside! The referee starts to count and he BARELY makes it back in. Owens goes for the cover and Kofi kicks out at 2!

Owens gets back to the top immediately, and he hits ANOTHER HUGE frog splash to Kofi and goes for a cover, but once again, Kofi kicks out at two!!! Owens is visibly frustrated and he climbs up one more time, but this time Kofi counters with an Enziguri, sending Owens crashing. Kofi puts Owens in position for a superplex, but Owens fights him off! Owens then hits a MASSIVE Swanton to Kofi and goes for the cover….1……2……..KOFI KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Owens is ridiculously frustrated now and he picks up Kofi, but Kofi hits the Trouble In Paradise OUT OF NOWHERE! 1…….2…….3! Kofi wins!

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Winner: Kofi Kingston


R-Truth is backstage with Carmella, and he tells her he has been chased at malls, at the dentist, and everywhere. They go running when they see Drake Maverick putting up flyers and they escape.

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