At last week’s Christmas Day Taping Of SmackDown LIVE, WWE’s Production Team piped in artificial audience noise – something the company claims they haven’t done in a long time for any WWE Shows. The likely reason for this is because the night before on RAW, WWE Officials felt that by the end of two back-to-back shows, the crowd was noticeably tired and not reacting in the same way as earlier on in the night and they didn’t want the same sort of response on SmackDown LIVE.
Vince McMahon’s appearance on RAW last week as Santa Claus where he announced Women’s Tag Team Titles and John Cena’s return was again a last minute decision by him. While tag team titles for the ladies was always in the works, the plan was never to announce them in a segment like that and one can only guess that the reason for doing it in this manner is because the company is consciously trying to “change things up.’
Speaking of Women’s Tag Team Titles, it is fully expected that WWE is going to be bringing back WWE Hall Of Famers Lita & Trish Stratus to compete for the titles throughout 2019.

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