The following results are provided by Doug Enriquez for as a part of our complete WWE Royal Rumble live coverage.


Carrillo came out aggressively, but Andrade fights back hard and sends Carrillo out of the ring. Andrade throws Carrillo back in and he locks in a Cross Arm Breaker along the ropes, utilizing all of the 5 count.

Carrillo tries to fight back, but Andrade locks in an arm bar on Carrillo and he’s really focusing on that arm. Carrillo fights back up and tries to nail his springboard arm drag, but Almas just slams Carrillo to the mat. Andrade picks up Carrillo and he goes for a DDT, but Carrillo pushes Andrade to the outside before hitting an Asai moonsault.

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Carillo sends Andrade back in the ring and then he delivers the three amigos, taking a page out of the late great Eddie Guerrero. He goes for the 3rd, but Carrillo hits him with the 3rd one! Carrillo looks to pick up Andrade, but Andrade counters and throws Carrillo into the turnbuckle by his head and he looks stunned.

Andrade sets up he hits the double knees and goes for the cover, but Carrillo kicks out. The two men get up and start to trade chops back and forth, but Andrade starts to hit heavy forearms. He bounces off the ropes, but runs into a big super kick from Carrillo! He goes for the cover, but Andrade kicks out!

Carrillo goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Andrade counters with a running kick to the side of the face. The two fight on the top rope, but Carrillo gets the advantage and nails a top rope hurricanrana! Both men in the center of the ring and Carrillo tries for a jumping hurricanrana into a pin, but Andrade reverses into a rollup of his own and gets the 3 count to pick up the surprise victory!

Winner AND STILL WWE United States Champion: Andrade “Cien” Almas

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