October 8th, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick off this week’s Monday Night Raw in a huge way as Triple H makes his way down to the ring to a fantastic ovation as he prepares to discuss Super Show-Down. But he isn’t coming alone… it’s the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, and neither man appears to be in a happy mood.

Triple H says 25 years is a long time to climb a mountain, but you do so because it’s the baddest, deadliest mountain in the world, and he and Shawn Micheals should be on top of the world right now because on Saturday they reached the summit. The Game adds that the avalanche that fell on them after makes them question if it was just a lie the whole time, and we now cut to a video package from what happened at Super Show-Down.

Triple H claims that respect is a word that has lost significance as of late and says he and Shawn don’t give it away easily. He talks about the respect he has for HBK, how they fought side by side against the world, that is respect, it is when you stick to your word, even when people tell you not to.

Shawn says that sometimes you respect who someone used to be or what they used to represent, but it then dawns on you that respect isn’t a two-way street. He says the flight from Australia is long, giving him a long time to sit and think. Shawn says he has thought about the last eight long years and honored his word out of respect, which never existed at all.

He said when the wheels touched down and the door opened, he saw Triple H and heard three words he didn’t expect to hear again… “ARE YOU READY?” Triple H then says the question isn’t for Shawn, because he knows he is, the question is for The Brothers Of Destruction. “At Crown Jewel… ARE YOU READY?”

HBK says DX is ready, and he says this with no respect at all…”If you’re not down with that… we’ve got two words for ya.” Both men then unveil DX shirts… they are back and have challenged The Brothers Of Destruction to a tag team match at Crown Jewel.

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For our first match of the night, former NXT Champion, Kevin Owens is taking on Bobby Lashley who is accomplished by 205 Live star, Lio Rush once again. Lashley dominated the early moments, pushing KO out of the ring and now Rush has a microphone who is talking trash at ringside.

Back in the ring and Lashley continues to dominate Owens, throwing him around the ring but Owens smartly moved out of the way from a charge to send him to the outside and KO managed to get a shot in whilst Rush questions why the fans are cheering Owens.

Rush continues to push the fans and begins to get some heat for Lashley, whilst Owens kicks Lashley in the face before diving over the top rope to take out Bobby which gains a huge standing ovation for him. Lashley then sends Kevin Owens into the barricade and attempts to take him through them, but Owens smartly moved away, allowing Lashley to smash into the barricade alone.

Back from commercial and it is Lashley who is in control with a headlock whilst Rush continues to annoy the fans. However, Owens breaks free and chases Rush around at ringside, clearly having heard enough of him. Owens finally gets his hands on Rush but Lashley intervenes and throws him into the steel stairs.

Bobby continues to dominate but once again, Owens attempts to fight back, only to be taken back down with a huge spinebuster which he follows up with a suplex, but KO manages to kick out just in time. Owens then rocks Lashley with a superkick and he then hits a Stunner which receives a huge pop from the fans but doesn’t gain him a three-count.

Owens then looked to hit his frog splash until Rush provided a distraction and Lashley has now gone to work on the knee before planting Owens down for the victory.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Post-match he demands the official raises his hand and he then returns to the ring and goes back to the injured knee of Kevin Owens, wrapping it around the ring post, making the heel turn official.

The commentary team then discuss the upcoming WWE World Cup, it is announced there will be four entrants from SmackDown and four from Raw, but one man who doesn’t have to qualify…John Cena! Later on, tonight will be a battle royal to determine who else will qualify to compete.

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