— Here is the official WWE Raw preview for tonight:

Will Raw get “Rowdy”?
Rousey made it clear that she was going to WrestleMania, but her sudden emergence in WWE has clouded the Team Red Women’s division. What did her handshake with Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon mean? What exactly is Rousey planning for this year’s Show of Shows? And how will it be addressed tonight on Raw?

Can The Miz carry the Intercontinental Title all the way to WrestleMania?
Last Monday night at Raw 25, The Miz captured his eighth Intercontinental Championship at the expense of Roman Reigns, and although The A-Lister was unsuccessful in winning the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match — that accolade went to SmackDown LIVE’s Shinsuke Nakamura — he nevertheless has reason to boast on Raw tonight in Philadelphia, as he looks to wear his Intercontinental Title under the bright lights of WrestleMania. Will Miz be successful in his quest, or will The Big Dog retaliate and recapture his prize? We’ll no doubt hear from the “must-see” champion and its former bearer tonight.

How will Seth Rollins respond to last night’s defeat?
After he succumbed to a costly two-on-one assault at the hands of The Bar, The Kingslayer probably has a lot on his mind. How will Rollins deal with this unfortunate defeat, and what will have to say to Jordan?

What havoc will Braun Strowman wreak?
In an absolutely hellacious brawl last night in Philadelphia — which is really saying something given the city’s ECW history — Brock Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman and Kane to retain his Universal Championship. However, since it was The Big Red Machine and not The Monster Among Men who was pinned, Strowman clearly has unfinished business with The Conqueror. Given his temperament following the bell, Strowman is clearly in a foul mood. Tonight in the City of Brotherly Love, someone’s going to “get those hands.”

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