Submitted by Matt “Swarles” J.

– Mojo Rawley def. Chad Gable – Mojo did a lot of dancing and comedy. Mojo won with the pounce.

– The Vaudevillians def. Dawkins and Fulton

-They did an in ring interview with former Tampa Bay Buccaneer turned WWE developmental wrestler Sabby Piscitelli. He was interrupted by Preston Cunningham. It wasn’t much of a segment.

– Marcus Louis def Tucker Knight (I think) – Louis is still bald and was wearing slacks so he basically looked like Kane. Match killed the crowd and was pretty terrible. Louis won by submission after working the leg all match.

– Charlotte, Carmela and Devin def Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, KC Cassidy and Jesse McKay – Crowd woke back up for this one, they were really into Charlotte. Fun match, Charlotte picked up the win with the natural selection.


– Bull Dempsey def Mike Raliss – Bull was over as a babyface and he won with a top rope seated senton type move (Think Doink’s old whoopee cushion).

– Solomon Crowe def Tye Dillinger – Dillinger cut a pretty good promo before the match. Crowe won with the stretch muffler.

– Greg interviewed Uhaa Nation. They announced him as Uhaa Nation, so that’s his name for now. He talked about his up bringing and how hard he worked to make it to NXT.

-Becky Lynch def Lina Fanene: First time seeing Lina, did not realize how big she is. Lina mostly stood in the middle of the ring while Becky bumped for her. Becky won with an armbar

– Finn Balor, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady def Baron Corbin, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder – Fun match with lots of comedy and high flying to send the crowd home happy. Balor got the win with the coup de grâce.


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