WWE NXT Results
April 18, 2018

– A graphic paying tribute to the life of WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino started the show.

– Mauro Ranallo and Percy Watson welcome us to this week’s WWE NXT. Lars Sullivan faces Killian Dain in a colossal main event with no disqualifications, plus Candice LeRae finally gets her hands on Zelina Vega.


Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae came out to an enormous pop to kick off the show. A loud “JOHNNY WRESTLING” chant broke out followed by “CANDICE WRESTLING” and “WELCOME BACK”. Gargano thanked the fans and said that in New Orleans when he was fighting for his life and his career, this moment was the one he was fighting for. He talked about Tommaso Ciampa being the ghost haunting him for almost an entire year, and the two words that have completely controlled his life, but no more! Johnny thanked his wife for standing by him during the last couple of really rough months, and Candice talked briefly about finally getting her match with Zelina Vega tonight and being rid of those two forever.

RICOCHET def. FABIAN AICHNER. Fun match with Aichner playing the standard power heel, trying to slow things down with uppercuts, rest holds, a powerbomb, backbreaker, etc. The fans wanted to see Ricochet do his thing and they got being him for the comeback, launching into a crazy sequence with a Cesaro-like springboard uppercut, running dropkicks, a running shooting star, and finally putting the match away with a 630 splash from the top rope.

– Ricochet was interviewed in the ring after the match and did his usual shtick about “making his look good”. He said he’s watched so many WWE Superstars make their come-up in NXT and that’s why he’s here.

– They rolled a video package about EC3 with him talking about financially wealthy upbringing and being a “one-percenter”, which is obviously something he’s very proud of.

WAR RAIDERS def. ???. Rest in peace, two local unknown dudes. Hanson and Rowe murdered these dudes, making those one-minute squash matches the Bludgeon Brothers do on Smackdown look like a casual walk in the park. Hanson did his cartwheel splash in the corner, Rowe killed one of the guys with a stiff running knee, before the mercifully hit Fallout to win.

– We head to the WWE Performance Center where NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler has arrived. She walks into the locker room and screams at everyone that she’s the boss now, and they better all fall in line behind her if they don’t want to get choked out. She takes Ember Moon’s name off one of the lockers and puts a playing card with the Queen of Spades on it instead.

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LARS SULLIVAN def. KILLIAN DAIN. Awesome match. Dain controlled early on after connecting with a sick headbutt, then took things to the outside and bullied his opponent around. He tried for a giant suicide dive but crashed and burned, and Sullivan not only sent him flying into the post but also managed to suplex the big man on the floor. Very physical back and forth bout. A table got set up in the corner and they teased about a million spots through it, but did end up blasting each other with chairs instead. Dain ended up putting them both through a table with a running crossbody. Sullivan came back and hit him with the chair again and again, then hit a Freak Accident through a few chairs to finally get the win.

– Next week, Adam Cole defends the NXT North American Championship.

CANDICE LERAE def. ZELINA VEGA. It was originally the two ladies going after each other alone, but after Andrade Cien Almas came out to help his manager, Johnny Wrestling ran out to even the odds. The match ended with both the babyfaces applying the Gargano Escape on both of their rivals.

– NXT Champion Aleister Black came out to end the show while Johnny and Candice were still in the ring celebrating. Johnny wants a title shot, and Johnny’s going to get a title shot – next week!

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