partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— WWE’s currently looking for some new Hispanic wrestlers, more specifically, ones who are bilingual. The problem is, there’s just not too many Hispanic wrestlers who are bilingual. That probably helped former TNA wrestler Apolo in landing a developmental contract even though he doesn’t have the best background check, although it also helps that he is tall and has a good physique.

— The theme for WWE 24/7 in February will be based on wrestling weddings. They are calling it “Headlocks and Wedlock” and they’ll be airing several past wrestling weddings featuring the marriages of “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Elizabeth, Uncle Elmer, Billy & Chuck, and Edge & Lita, not to mention Stephanie McMahon’s three trips down the aisle with the Undertaker, Test and Triple H. They’ll also be airing the first-ever Clash of the Champions broadcast from 1988, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre pay-per-view from February ’99, the Brian Pillman DVD, and more. You can read February’s synopsis at this link. Also, the 12/29/03 Raw won the “Pick Your Big One” and will be airing later this month. It beat out a September ’97 Raw featuring the first Austin-to-McMahon stunner and a match between Cactus Jack & Triple H, not to mention a Raw from May 1993 featuring a Jannetty vs. HBK IC title match.

— JBL’s profile has been moved to the Raw section and so he is indeed an official member of the Raw roster now.

Major sports legend seen wearing WrestleMania 2010 shirt revealing possible location (>>)

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