Thanks to reader Steve Diamond for sending this in!

Smackdown Live from Raleigh 9/10

No dark match

Apollo hit finisher and defeated miz (non title). maryse banned from ringside
halfway through after being caught hitting crews. miz tried to Leave but
dolph came in and forced him back to ring. Great pre match mic work by Miz,
Hot match. Great crowd response for both miz and apollo

Nikki bella def carmella w/attitude adjustment. Surprisingly Good match

10 man match
Hype bros, Slater & rhyno, jason jordan def. Vaudvillians, ascension, baron
corbin. Heath way over. Ending was sequence of each hitting their finisher.
Finally Rhyno hit gore on Aiden english and pinned him

Uso promo from backstage about taking on breezango later. Disparaging comment
about ncsu

Kane def Wyatt w/harper with chokeslam (kane replaced Orton- no announcement
made as to his absence, or why). Great pop for Kane, especially when he “sat


Usos vs Breezango. Some initial face pop for Usos, they played the heel role
before, and throughout match. Fans stared an “U-Suck” chant (instead of
“Us-O!”). At one point Usos grabbed mic and told us to stop chanting “U-Suck”
and told us to “shut the hell up.” (Good heel pop) Crowd completely flat to
Breezango. One Uso pinned fandango while holding ropes. Match wasn’t great.
Crowd not much into Breezango. Usos played heel the whole time and got some
good heel heat during, and at end of match. At one point, Breezango had to
re-setup a spot as Usos were not yet in place.

Becky Lynch & Naomi (huge pop for both) def. Natalya (nice heel pop) and
Alexa Bliss (no reaction from crowd). Natalya definitely the best worker but
big pops throughout for Naomi and Becky, who won with the armbar finisher and
got Alexa to submit. (Alexa looked very green in this match. A lot of help
from Naomi and Becky to set up moves.)

Aj Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler Vs. dean Ambrose for World Championship. Huge pop
for Ambrose. (Big heel pop for Styles, good face pop for Ziggler, but less
than Ambrose). Good back and forth between all 3. Hot crowd. AJ, Dolph and
Dean took turns taking breaks outside the ring to keep a lot of one-on-one
action going. Dean hit the dirty deeds on Ziggler for the win

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