New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star Will Ospreay recently appeared as a guest on The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his current run in NJPW:

“I’m loving it. Loads of people have said, like, ‘once you get signed to New Japan, you just learn straightaway’,” Ospreay continued, “I’ve gone there. I’ve slowed down. Like, I don’t even know if anyone notices, but I hardly ever use the top rope, so, like, I’m saving my body [from] a lot more damage. And the best thing is where you learn, you’re doing, like, big eight-man [and] six-man tags and ten-man tags all the time, so you’re, like, constantly learning on the spot, like, how to work with an audience along those lines and you’re working these, like, massive stars who’ve held the f–king IWGP Heavyweight Championship, who’ve held the Junior Heavyweight Championship, so they’ve been there [and] they’ve done it.”

On how he got into NJPW and AJ Styles being his hero:

“Obviously, everyone knows that I’ve faced Okada for Revolution Pro for the Global Wars UK, which was ridiculous. And I came backstage and Okada was like, ‘we need to get you onboard’ and then, I had the CEO say, ‘yeah, we’re going to bring you in for Super Juniors’. And then, obivously, the incident where [WWE] signed AJ, The Bullet Club, [Shinsuke] Nakamara, so they literally just stole, like, four of the main players for New Japan, so, like, [NJPW] wanted to just bring me in, like, permanently. I found out it was Okada who put me over, Tanahashi that put me over, and the winning person that I still can’t say enough good things [about and I am] literally humbled that he’d done it, but AJ was the person that said, like, ‘you need to sign this guy now’, which I was like, so blessed. Like, AJ’s my hero. AJ’s the sole reason I got into a wrestling ring.”

On one of the main reasons he signed with TNA:

“I can’t say, like, anything bad about TNA because of the pure fact of, like, I refuse to bury a company. I’m too nice.” Ospreay added, “I didn’t fit. I mean, I was welcomed with open arms. The guys there were fantastic, but I’d just done it for the pure, simple fact that I wanted to wrestle in Wembley Arena. Like, if everyone wants me to be brutally honest, I’d done it just to wrestle in Wembley.”

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