London — In dog-loving Great Britain, more and more hotels are rolling out the red carpet to welcome four-legged guests. The pet perks are endless, as businesses throw customers a bone to get them through the door. 

CBS News correspondent Ian Lee met Bear on his vacation in the English countryside. Life is pretty good for the 2-year-old Cavapoo (a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle mix). He plays with his furry friends in the hills and meadows, and if we’re honest, he’s a bit spoiled.Henrietta Newman, the human lucky enough to accompany Bear on his holiday, said she knows it sounds embarrassing, “but he is literally like my fur child. I love him. He goes everywhere with me.”
On this particular today, everywhere included “high tea” at a posh hotel — a uniquely British affair — now for the dogs.It started with a scrumptious three-tiered meal, and was all topped off with a “Paw-puccino.”More and more hotels are discovering that going to the dogs, brings the guests through the door.Pets can belly-up to the bar for a “dogtail,” then snuggle up in a posh bed, with their very own personalized blanket.

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