USA won with Poland 3-0 (25-22 25-23 25-16), while Brazil defeating Russia after amazing game 3-2 (26-28 26-24 25-19 22-25 15-8).

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Americans fought an equal battle with Poland in first two sets. Both teams went neck in neck, but in crucial moments Poles made mistakes and Americans used counter attacks. Really powerful today were again OPP Kelly Murphy (14 points) and OH Kimberly Hill (16 points, best scorer). In third set USA controlled game by good blocks and counter attack. Poles although they played ambitious didn’t get at least one set. Again spikes killed Katarzyna Skowrońska-Dolata (11 points), but reception again was main weakness. Despite less errors (14 Poland-19 USA), blocks and spikes were decisive elements.

Second match was five set thriller, when Brazil got second won in WGP 2013. Reasons of russian loss can be worse serve, spike relied on two players (in Brazil it was more balanced) and 14 mistakes more. Best scorers were Natlia Obmochaeva (25), Fernanda Garay (22) and Tatiana Kosheleva (21) who played definitely better comparing with game against USA, however she looked quite exhausted because of her chronic problems with spine. Again good defence presented Anna Malova.

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