Second leg of Women’s Champion League comes to an end. Today winners are Omichka, Vakifbank, Rebecci and Dinamo Kazan. Biggest emotions are in Kazan, where Tauron Dąbrowa Górnicza in first two sets is demanding opponent.




Pool A
Omichka Omsk – Dresdner SC 3-0 (25-21 25-16 25-17)
Omichka: Babeshina (7), Mammadova (11), Shlyakhovaya (10), Carillo De La Paz (17), Kutyukova (8), Yurieva (8), Kuzyakina (L) and Kornienko (1)
Dresden: Apitz, Perry (8), Karg (9), Izquierdo-Mocasqui (5), Marcelle (8), Pencova (5), Schoot (L) and Stock, Schwabe, Langgemach (1), Mikhailenko (2), Goos

Dresdner SC actually caught a very good start and set the tempo of the game at the first technical time-out as Omichka spiker Nancy Carrillo lacked accuracy and consistency; on the other side of the net Jaroslava Pencova and Rebecca Perry were doing a good job for the guests (4:8). After the game was stopped by Omichka head coach Zoran Terzic, the hosts found back their best play and with two mistakes by Perry and Lisa Izquierdo the score was evened at 11 all. German mentor Alexander Waibl asked for a time-out and the teams played point for point for most of the set before Omichka had the upper hand at 25-21.

The second set followed a similar plot with the hosts trailing 1:4 before Marina Babeshina and Natalya Mammadova finally found the right tempo to move the charts up to 8:6 for Omichka. Pencova and Izquierdo tried hard to keep the score close for Dresdner SC but Omichka could rely on the outstanding defense actions by Yulia Kutyukova. Omichka team captain Alena Yurieva moved the score up to 11:9 and with a series of attacks killed by Carrillo the “Cats” as they are nicknamed in Russia got a margin of four points by the second technical time-out (16:12). They could keep up that good pace and eventually cashed the second set with a comfortable 25-16.

Omichka caught a flying start in the third set with Mammadova and Kutyukova paving the way for the provisional 6:2 together with an ace by 2013 European champion Anastasia Shlyakhovaya. German mentor Alexander Waibl asked for an early time-out but it did not change the course of the game as Carrillo was simply outstanding and she outplayed Kristina Mikhailenko, the Belarusian opposite of Dresdner SC (17:11). A block by Yurieva and Mammadova made it 23:14 for the home heroines and it was the Azeri Volleyball superstar that finished it off at 25-17 for a deserved 3:0 victory.  

Press conference

“This is a historic victory for us” said home mentor Zoran Terzic. “Omichka is participating in the CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League for the first time and we just won our first home game before more than 4,000 fans. We did not start very well but we got more and more confidence as the game progressed. The injury of our setter Marina Babeshina really scared me but today she showed that she is not just a valuable player but also a great person.”  

“Congratulations to Omichka” said Drsedner SC head coach Alexander Waibl. “They have a very good team and they deserved to win tonight. We started the game really well and showed good block and defense but as they found their best play in all fundamentals, we could not hold onto their pace. I really liked our journey to Omsk and we were warmly welcomed by everyone here” he added.  

Team Stats:

ActionsSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec ExcRec PosErrorsOmichka4146%91245%59%18Dresden3036%6230%42%20

Team Leaders:

ActionsPointsSpike ptsSpike %BlockAceErrorsNancy Carillo171248%055Stefanie Karg9550%312


Pool B
Rebecci Nordmeccanica Piacenza – Crvena Zvezda Belgrade 3-0 (25-18 25-18 25-11)
Rebecci: Ferretti, Bosetti (15), Leggeri (2), Van Hecke (14), Meijners (12), De Kruijf (4), Sansonna (L) and Caracuta, Vindevoghel (5), Bramborova (1), Manzano (2), Valeriano
Crvena Zvezda: Milovits (1), Milenkovic (1), Trnic (4), Helic (14), Kecman (6), Popovic (6), Pusic (L) and Lukic (2), Canak

The silver medalists from the 2013 CEV Volleyball Challenge Cup where they lost the final to Russia’s Dinamo Krasnodar, Rebecchi Nordmccanica Piacenza caught a very good start as they clearly set the pace of the game 16:8 at the second technical time-out of the opening set. The home heroines around head coach Giovanni Caprara looked very determined and focused whereas their opponents were struggling to find their tempo. Liesbet Vindevoghel stood out for Piacenza in the final section of the first set finishing it off at 25-18.   

The game continued the same way also in the second set even though Crvena Zvezda was able to minimize their errors. This time Floortje Meijners, Lise Van Hecke and Lucia Bosetti were those who anchored the home side (19:14) and Piacenza could wrap it up once more at 25-18 making the difference with their efficiency in attack (44% vs. 30% for Belgrade).

The home heroines dominated the scene right from the go in the third set going up 11:3 and forcing Serbian mentor Ratko Pavlicevic into an early time-out. It did not change much as Italy’s champions cruised to a comfortable 25-11 to claim their first victory ever in the CEV Volleyball Champions League.

Lucia Bosetti top scored in the end with 15 points with Van Hecke and Meijners also finishing the game in double digits as they chipped in with 14 and 12 respectively. On the other side of the net, Adela Helic scored 14 for Crvena Zvezda while Ljubica Kecman and Mina Popovic totaled 6 apiece.  

Team Stats:

ActionsSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec ExcRec PosErrorsRebecci4550%5530%54%15Zvezda2729%4330%56%28

Team Leaders:

ActionsPointsSpike ptsSpike %BlockAceErrorsLucia Bosetti151260%124Adela Helic141437%006


Pool C
Vakifbank Istanbul – Dinamo Romprest Bucharest 3-0 (25-20 25-7 25-11)
Vakifbank: Aydemir (2), Kirdar Sonsirma (7), Toksoy (12), Brakocevic (12), Costagrande (13), Furst (8), Karadayi (L) and Nikolic (4), Uslupehlivan (3), Akin (1), Akman (1)
Dinamo: Nenova (1), Corjeutanu (7), Marcovici (2), Carbuneanu (2), Karakasheva (6), Zarkova (1), Davis (L) and Baciu, Dinca, Smarandache

The titleholders were actually surprised by their opponents and trailed 6:8 at the first technical time-out of the opening set but they gradually found their pace and they already had flipped the charts around by the time the second mandatory stop was called (16:13). Even though their guests from Romania scored four in a row to make it 16:17, VakifBank did not lose composure and brought it home at 25-20.

VakifBank was off to a flying start in the second set (8:2) and showed some great play to make it 14:3 and finish the job with a terrific 25-7 as the players from Romania could not find a way to stand that storm.

Dinamo Romprest tried their best once more also in the third set and were able to keep the score close in the early phases (8:7) before VakifBank showed once more their value to wrap it up with another quick 25-11. Italy’s Carolina Costagrande top scored in the match with 13 points.

Press conference:

“I am already focused on the match coming up this weekend as we play Fenerbahce in the national league so that’s why I replaced some of the players included in the starting six” said VakifBank head coach Giovanni Guidetti. “We do not find it difficult to motivate our players because they always play their best in any game they enter.”

“We do not think about the record and the winning streak because these are just numbers as long as you do not win the trophy” added team captain Gözde Sonsirma Kirdar.

“I think that VakifBank played really good tonight” commented Romanian head coach Marian Constantin. “We tried our best and especially in the first set we could score more points. Our chances to qualify to the Playoffs are getting very slim”.

“We have been training very hard but this is not enough against a team like VakifBank” added Dinamo Romprest team captain Alida Marcovici. “We need to fight against the pressure when we enter such games. VakifBank is definitely the best team in the world right now.”

Team Stats:

ActionsSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec ExcRec PosErrorsVakifbank4146%91245%59%18Dinamo3036%6230%42%20

Team Leaders:

ActionsPointsSpike ptsSpike %BlockAceErrorsCarolina Costagrande13629%614Mirela Corjeutanu7531%112


Pool F
Dinamo Kazan – Tauron MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza 3-1 (29-27 22-25 25-15 25-13)
Dinamo: Startseva (1), Borodakova (6), Del Core (11), Gamova (25), Moroz (13), Larson-Burbach (19), Ulanova (L) and Melnikova, Popova (1)
Tauron: Katic (2), Sassa (9), Liniarska (1), Zaroślińska (17), Skowrońska (17), Dziękiewicz (12), Strasz (L) and Staniucha-Szczurek (1), Kaczmar

Tauron MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza trailed 9:14 in the first set, but via the excellent play of their captain Elżbieta Skowrońska, the team managed to tie the score. The ending of the set was long and jittery. Ekaterina Gamova, as she usually does, sealed the fate of the set (29-27).

The Polish team felt that they could have a chance against the heavy favorite of this game and showed an incredible defense in the second set. With great work of Welissa De Souza Gonzaga and Katarzyna Zaroślińska Tauron MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza succeeded in getting a comfortable lead (17:10) and finished the set at 25-22.

In the third set Dinamo Kazan finally found their best play and minimized their errors. After a large number of good topspins by Jordan Larson-Burbach, Dinamo Kazan went up 14:7 and then the difference in score continued to increase (25-15) before the players from Tatarstan dominated the scene also in the fourth set (25-13) to give their many fans something to cheer about.  

Press conference:

“Tauron MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza was an underdog for us. Until this day, the Polish team had played with another starting six, and seeing some of the players on the court was surprising. That was the reason for the first hard sets. Then we tactically readjusted and achieved the victory” said the head coach of Dinamo Kazan Rishat Gilyazutdinov after the game. 

“Dinamo Kazan is the obvious favorite in our group. And, in general, I am satisfied with our game against Russia’s champions. The first two sets we played very well, then we became nervous and started making mistakes. No big deal at all, we are going to take the second place in the group and make the Playoffs” said a confident head coach of Tauron MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza, Waldemar Kawka.  

Team Stats:

ActionsSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec ExcRec PosErrorsDinamo5341%17638%67%21Tauron5239%5226%51%25

Team Leaders:

ActionsPointsSpike ptsSpike %BlockAceErrorsEkaterina Gamova252248%303Elżbieta Skowrońska171752%006

Description and press conferences: CEV

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