Western-backed forces said on Saturday morning that in a “very short time” they would announce the defeat of Isil.

Jiya Furat, a commander with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said that they had cornered the remaining Islamic State militants in one tiny neighbourhood of Baghouz village in eastern Deir Ezzor province, under its fire from all sides.

"Very soon bring good news to the whole world," he said in an apparent reference to an announcement about the defeat of the extremists in Syria.

There are thought to be just a few hundred Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) fighters left, most of whom foreign.

Hundreds of civilians have poured out of Baghouz in recent days but a number are thought to still be left, which is slowing down the SDF.

US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters gather as they prepare to expel hundreds of the Islamic State group (IS) jihadists from the Baghouz area in the eastern Syrian province of Deir EzzorCredit:

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitor, reported late Friday that a convoy of seven trucks, three ambulances and other vehicles including Humvees for the US-led coalition headed toward the Isil-held area.

The group said it believes that the aim is to draw out the remaining Isil gunmen and their families.

"The convoy is likely to come back with at least 200 Islamic State group members of different nationalities," the Observatory said, adding that it was not clear if they would agree to surrender.

Hundreds of Isil fighters have surrendered over the past weeks and were apprehended.

The battle for Deir Ezzor, which began in September, has seen some of the heaviest fighting in the four-and-half-year offensive.

Isil has been fighting hard for the last of their so-called caliphate, which once spanned an area in Iraq and Syria the size of Britain.

US President Donald Trump is expected today to announce the end of the jihadists’ caliphate.

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"We have a lot of great announcements having to do with Syria and our success with the eradication of the caliphate and that will be announced over the next 24 hours," Mr Trump told journalists at the White House on Friday.

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