source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Believe it not, but Sim Snuka is one of many currently under consideration for an announcing position on the upcoming WGN show, WWE Superstars. This should explain why the second generation wrestler has surprisingly not been let go yet. For all intents and purposes, his character on Raw has been dropped. Snuka has not been seen since the January 12th of edition of Raw where Ted DiBiase double-crossed him (and Manu) on his return.

— WWE developmental wrestler Brian Jossie is doing a gimmick in Florida Championship claiming to be the first black president of wrestling. He recently debuted the gimmick under the name “Abraham Obama Washington.” He is also trying to emulate Barack Obama’s appearance. Jossie was signed to a developmental contract last fall following a talent evaluation at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Jossie has limited wrestling experience as he had just come out of the Ohio Valley Wrestling school at the time.

— In other WWE developmental wrestler name changes, Byron Wilcott recently debuted under the name Lennox McEnroe and Mike Hutter is now Derrick Bateman. You can see their respective pictures at the following link.

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