Earlier this week, former WWE superstar the Ultimate Warrior took his ongoing feud to the next level – releasing a 7-minute video preview of his upcoming ‘shoot interview’ – in which he intends to expose Hulk Hogan for the man he truly is. Warrior accused Hulk Hogan of being a cocaine-abusing scumbag who kept other wrestlers on drugs so he could control them – but still let them all sleep with his ex-wife Linda. If the preview video is any indication, this is going to be one of the most controversial shoot interviews ever.

Hogan told TMZ.com this week that he is considering legal action against Ultimate Warrior for his comments, but that hasn’t stopped Warrior from continuing his mission. On Friday, Warrior fired up the ‘ol Twitter machine and released a statement regarding his escalating smear campaign against his WrestleMania 6 opponent. Warrior tweeted:

“This thing going on between Terry and I is about something bigger than each of us. It is about YOU and the worth of your life.

People can do better things with their life potential than others but NO ONE has more potential than any other to start with.

All of us are born with the potential to do great things and live great lives.

When one does, the right thing to do is influence, inspire and empower other humans that they have the potential inside themselves, too.

Terry, doesn’t do this. First, he takes credit for everything. There is no room for anyone else or praise for others.

Two, he has NOT used his incredible life success experiences to learn from them: grow wiser, be a better man, be a more capable mentor.

When a man fails at this, he cannot be seen as a leader, someone to look up to or admire. Those who do see him as such have been mislead.

Given the choice between the truth and the lies, they choose lies. Life will not work if you choose lies. This is what I know of life.

This is why I fight. Not so you make me like Terry believes he is. NO, I fight so that you know you DO NOT have to tolerate lives of lies.

Live lives of truth. Inspire ME. I succeeded at being a sports entertainer, and I am proud of what we did together.

But, to me, YOU are ALL better than that. YOU can do better. You can turn the whole fucking world upside down. I can feel your power. W”

* VIDEO: WARRIOR Talks About HOGAN’s Cocaine Abuse & Wife Swapping (MUST SEE)

(Source: Twitter.com/UltimateWarrior)

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