Source: E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness (ht Wrestling Inc) 
Former world champions Edge and Christian recently welcomed Breezango to E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness. Fandango and Tyler Breeze talked to ‘The Rocket Strappers’ about their move to WWE Monday Night RAW, The Miz being very giving as a performer, and what feud they think would bring them to the next level.
When asked about the recent Superstar Shakeup, Dango hoped that the tandem’s move to RAW means more TV time.

“It’s all new.” Fandango continued, “yeah, it’s really cool because Breeze and I were talking at TV, the SmackDown tag team division is so stacked. It [has] got the Usos, New Day, Shelton & Gable, so it’s a two-hour show, so if you’re not plugged into that tag team title picture, it’s really difficult for a team to get on the show. So the Fashion Files was something that kept us afloat for over a year. Switching to RAW, hopefully gets a little more TV time.”
Breezy agreed and emphasized how “stacked” SmackDown’s tag division is.
“Dude, it’s even crazier now. SmackDown is only two hours and they only have time for one tag program and right now, they’ve got like Usos, New Day, Bludgeon Brothers, they’re having SAnitY debut, The Bar, The Club. I don’t know, man. I don’t know if we’d see the light of day over there with how stuff was going and how much tag stuff is going on. So I don’t know how they plan on doing it, but I’m kind of glad we’re on the other side, where hopefully we kind of got off to a good start there.”
With respect to The Miz, Breeze put over ‘The A-Lister’ as being very giving.  

“Man, Miz, by far, one of the most unselfish guys when it comes to anything.” Breeze explained, “I mean, I guess the one key moment that he kind of proved that or I started to really think it was WrestleMania when he was standing up on a ladder and he let Zack Ryder climb up the ladder and shove him off to win the IC title. There [are] a lot of guys that would either make them look stupid or their character wouldn’t do that. There [are] a lot of guys that would have a problem with that, and Miz did it with a smile on his face and he loved it, so that’s kind of cool and kind of rare in our business.
According to Breeze, a feud with The Revival could take the model and dancer just trying to make in the world to the next level.
“I think if you put us in there with someone like The Revival, I think those matches are going to be kind of unique, what they bring and what we bring. I think that could be kind of a good platform to kind of take us to the next level. Yeah, they’re very wrestling-heavy and we’re, I guess you would say personality-heavy, comedy-heavy, or whatever, but I think once you’re 10 minutes into a match, you’re going to be kind of on the edge of your seat to see what will happen. I think that’s what I’m looking forward to most with them.” Breeze added, “they are kind of so wrestling-heavy that they come across or people find them boring or they have no personality because the wrestling eats up their personality, but really, in reality, they have a ton of personality. You just need the right people on the other side of it to bring it out. I think that we can do that.”

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