Top UFC lightweight contender and one of the winner’s of season one of The Ultimate Fighter reality show, Diego Sanchez, spoke about his infamous “Yes!” chant being borrowed and made famous in the world of pro wrestling by Daniel Bryan during a recent UFC 166 pre-fight interview on Thursday in Houston, Texas.

Sanchez, who started the “Yes!” chant as he would walk to the scale for weigh-ins, as well as during his walk to the octagon at his UFC fights years ago, spoke about how Bryan took the chant and made it a cross-over chant recognized by WWE fans. Sanchez said he reached out to Bryan to talk to him about it, but claimed Bryan never got back to him. Sanchez did mention that he has no ill will towards Bryan for using the chant, and noted that Bryan has given him credit for creating the chant in various media interviews.

Sanchez stopped using the chant on a regular basis, but told journalist Ariel Helwani, when asked if he would bring the chant back this weekend at UFC 166, “if the fans want the ‘Yes!,’ they’re gonna get the ‘Yes!'”

Diego Sanchez challenges top-ranked UFC lightweight contender and former Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez this Saturday on pay-per-view.

For those interested, you can check out the complete UFC 166 pre-fight interview with Diego Sanchez below:


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