Victory Road: 10-Man Ultimate X Gauntlet Match

Christopher Daniels introduced first followed by Jay Lethal.

Quick beginning with Lethal attacking Daniels. One minute passes and we have our next competitor and its Puma.

Homicide is in next. Homicide hits a Neckbreaker on Lethal and now we have Sonjay Dutt. Petey Williams in next goes for a destroyer but its blocked. Homicide in and now Petey tries on him but Puma interferes and tosses him over his shoulders, but Petey wriggles away and hits the Destroyer on Puma and then eliminates him. Homicide then eliminates Petey. Shark Boy is next to the ring.

Elix Skipper is now coming out making his return. He slides in the ring and clocks Shark Boy and they exchange blows. Elix looking rather frail eliminates Shark Boy. He back kicks Lethal and double underhook suplexes him, then shoves Dutt over the top rope, who tries to skin the cat but Skipper knocks him out. Kaz is next to the ring and goes right for Homicide.

Kaz hits a huge springboard legdrop on Skipper then a nice maneuver in the corner on Daniels. Homicide meanwhile is working on Skipper. The final combatant is announced and it’s Senshi. Kaz now climbs the scaffolding as the Ultimate X is now in play.

Senshi climbing now with nobody following him. Lethal climbs another side but Skipper yanks him down. Skipper climbs now and Lethal yanks him down by his foot. Senshi taken down as well by Homicide who goes for a kick but misses, then Senshi hits a rolling kick. Daniels now monkey bar swinging to the center of the scaffolding. Kaz reaches up and yanks him down.

Kaz is climbing now; Lethal climbs the other, Daniels climbing a third side. Senshi on the fourth. They are all racing to the center. Kaz quickest. They all meet in the middle, kicking each other. Skipper and Homicide combined yank all four down.

Skipper hits a back kick on Kaz and then charges Homicide but gets met with a big boot. Senshi kicks Homicide. Lethal clocks Senshi. Daniels then clotheslines Lethal. Daniels climbs.

Daniels locks his feet upward; Lethal catches up to him and is kneeing Daniels but cannot budge him. He falls off. Daniels then hangs off the truss by his feet. Kaz springs off the ropes and hits a perfect Hart Attack to the mat!!

Senshi kicks Kazarian to the back. Senshi then sends Homicide to the corner and goes for a cartwheel back elbow but Homicide moves and tries putting him on the top rope. Lethal behind Homicide, now Daniels behind Lethal and they hit a Tower of Doom Triple Suplex.

Skipper climbs one side to the top. Kaz climbs the other side on the catwalk. Kaz tries to reach down to get the X. Skipper walks the truss. They meet and then stop and stare, as if asking why they are up there. Skipper gets punched by Kaz then kicks him back. They lower to a seated position. Skipper then leaps over and is now hanging on. They are both now hanging by their hands below the truss and exchange blows. They both fall off and crash and burn.

Daniels tries an Angel’s Wings on Lethal but cannot and he hits a Lethal Combination. Skipper then hits a Back suplex on Lethal. Kaz then hits Wave of the future on Skipper. Homicide climbs the ropes but Kaz kicks him, and climbs with him. Kaz hits a back flip suplex on Homicide. Daniels now climbs, but gets tossed off by Lethal.

Lethal swings, Daniels on the other side makes his way to the center. Skipper pulls him down. Daniels climbs across underneath the truss and grabs the X. Daniels grabs it and falls to his feet to win the match. Senshi and Elix stand next to him as he holds the X and we have the reunion of the original Triple X. Your Winner: Christopher Daniels


Victory Road: Basham & Damaja vs. VKM

BG gets on the mic and does the typical schtick. Saying TNA brings to you the soon to be NWA tag team champions of the world. (Even though they are now called TNA) He then introduces his new valet, Roxxy Laveaux

Damaja and BG start off. Wrist lick by BG and a side headlock takeover, turned into a legscissors by Damaja and a break. Rope to rope goes Damaja and BG hits the jabs. Damaja falls throat first across the middle rope and BG leaps on his back then knocks Lance Hoyt off the apron.

Two count for BG and a tag into Basham and Kip James. Basham knocks Kip’s head on the turnbuckle, tries for the opposite as well and it’s blocked and Basham sent in instead. Kip gets caught with an inverted Atomic Drop and then legdrops Basham. Kip falls to the mat in pain it seems. James to the ropes and hits a shoulderblock on Basham, then goes to the other rope and hangs on. Hip tosses Basham, goes for another but it’s blocked.

Hemme jumps in the ring and slaps Kip James and taunts him to hit her back. Roxxy now crawls slowly in the ring but the referee stops her. Basham then grabs BG James and sends him outside the ring to Lance Hoyt who sends him into the guardrail.

Quick double team in the ring by Basham and Damaja while Damaja was the legal man. Basham quickly tagged back in. Basham climbs the ropes and misses a flying head butt dive attempt. Both men down. Basham runs toward BG who pulls him into the turnbuckle. Damaja tagged in, now desperation tag made to Kip James who cleans house.

Kip James hits a Jackhammer suplex. Damaja goes for a pin of Kip and a two count. BG now takes Basham out of the ring, referee occupied with them. Hoyt slides in and big boots Kip James. Damaja goes for the pin and only gets two as Kip kicks out. Referee arguing with Hoyt now and BG clocks Damaja with the chair. Kip leans over for the pin and gets the three count. Your Winners: Voodoo Kin Mafia

Hemme sends Hoyt in to attack VKM since he made her team lose. She then slides in and Kip catches her by the hair. Roxxy then slides in and hits a Dominator on Hemme.

Victory Road: Rhino vs. James Storm w/ Jackie Moore

Referee Rudy Charles sends Jackie Moore to the back before the bell. Rhino then attacks Storm from behind to start. He sends him from one railing to the other and beats on him all around the ring.

Rhino now dragging Storm all across the crowd and beating him all the while. He takes a beer bottle from a fan and toys with the idea of hitting Storm but then just tosses it away instead. Rhino sends Storm back to ringside. We finally get to the ring and have a bell. Rhino hits a big lariat out of the corner.

Rhino climbs the ropes and Storm clotheslines him out and over to the outside. Storm now goes to the outside and picks him up and sends him back in. Storm now working on the neck of Rhino, because he is holding it in obvious pain.

Rhino now powers up and goes rope to rope, Storm ducks a clothesline and then sends Rhino to the outside over the top rope. Outside now and Storm punches Rhino a few times then backs him up into the steel guard rail, and sends him back inside the ring.

Storm to t he ropes and hits a Leaping Knee Drop on Rhino’s head and then puts him in a rear choke.

Rhino gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes then hits a shoulder block. Rhino sends Storm in the corner and shoulderblocks him in the corner. Storm then follows up with a Spinning Neckbreaker and a two count. He then rolls outside and grabs a beer bottle from under the ring. Storm places it in the corner. On the apron Storm leaps up and uses the ropes to leap and hit a sidekick to the head of Rhino. Storm on top ropes now and Rhino catches him and Superplexes him down.

The referee gets accidentally knocked out now by Storm. He goes for a Superkick, Rhino catches the leg and hits a Belly to Belly. Storm now goes for the beer bottle. Rhino charges for the Gore, and Storm turns and clocks him in the face with the beer bottle. Your Winner: James Storm

After the match, Storm ties Rhino up to the ropes by the wrists. Jackie Moore comes down with a mini keg of beer and a camera. Storm then turns on the tap and pours the beer down Rhino’s throat, and then they take a picture of it.

Victory Road: Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley vs. Bob Backlund & Jerry Lynn

Sabin starts off with Backlund. They circle the ring and Backlund steps out to the floor, circles the ring and gets back in. Backlund ducks the first tie up attempt of Sabin. They circle again and lock up. Backlund takes Sabin over with an arm drag.

Sabin applies a Full Nelson on Backlund who tries to get out and reverses into a Full Nelson of his own. Sabin drops down and rolls backward then gets picked up in a pancake and back into a Full Nelson. They work over to the ropes and break. Sabin rolls to his corner and tags in Shelley. Lynn tagged in as well.

Shelley into the corner and leaps backward. He goes for a drop toehold but nobody home. Lynn kips up and arm drags Shelley and slaps on an arm bar. Arm wringer by Lynn and an eye poke by Shelley. Sabin tagged in.

A few quick maneuvers and Shelley tagged back in. He gets little offense in and crawls on his knees to Sabin and tries to hide in his corner. Sabin tagged in and he holds Lynn. Shelley goes to the corner and accidentally kicks Sabin. Sabin goes for a clothesline of Lynn who catches the arm and turns it into a spike DDT. Shelley quickly in and drops the elbow to make the save. Sabin goes for an insiguri and misses, Shelley spits water in Lynn’s face and Sabin hits a Reverse Russian Legsweep.

Lynn sent outside to the floor. Lynn now on the apron slingshots into a sunset flip and only gets two on Shelley. Shelley locks Lynn’s legs and rolls with the lock to his corner, and tags in Sabin. Sabin in and applies an abdominal stretch. Lynn powers out of the maneuver with a hip toss takeover. Backlund tagged in.

Lynn now takes Jerry Lynn onto the top rope, straddling the rope. They each take a side of Lynn and slide him across the top rope to the opposite corner. Shelley hits a baseball slide on Lynn who is in a tree of woe and Sabin follows with a big Hesitation Drop Kick. Backlund finally let loose by the referee who drives some elbows to Sabin, then an atomic drop on Shelley. Double Underhook suplex by Backlund on Sabin. Nash gets in and hits a Big Boot to Lynn. He quickly rolls out. Sabin hits a Superkick, followed by Shelley. And then they hit a Double Insiguri on Lynn and roll him up for the pinfall. Your Winners: Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley

Victory Road: Eric Young & Gail Kim vs. Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks

Eric Young and Robert Roode start off circling the ring. Young spears Roode after Kim gives him a kiss on the cheek. Young sent to the corner and he flies over a-la Shawn Michaels. Young gets some offense and Gail Kim hits the ring and beats on Ms Brooks. Kim dropkicks Brooks into Roode and Young gets a two count. Young goes rope to rope and hits a suicide dive onto Roode. Kim follows with a slingshot onto Brooks.

Kim and Brooks tagged in and quickly they work in the corner and Brooks tags in Robert Roode. Roode tries to scare Kim who doesn’t budge and she clocks Roode then tags in Young. Young with a back body drop on Roode and a two count. Young to the ropes and Brooks trips him and then she and Roode yank Young toward the post so that he straddles the post.

Roode tags in Brooks who goes for a pin and only gets two then she tags back in Roode quickly. Roode with a rear chinlock applied on Young to slow the pace. Young gets to a vertical base and elbows his way out, rope-to-rope and Young kicks Roode to the face. Roode then answers with a one arm choke slam, and tags in Brooks who kicks Young and rakes his back. She tells Young that she hates him. Eric slaps a choke on Brooks, but Roode makes the save and then gets tagged in.

Roode in and sends Brooks into Young who’s in the corner. She then charges him again but Young moves and blocks her, Kim tagged in and she clotheslines Brooks. Then she hurricanrada’s Roode. Sidewalk Slams Brooks and a two count. Roode in and he turns Kim around but she paintbrushes him and then insiguri’s Brooks and kicks her to the gut. She climbs and gets caught in a Hurricanrada on Roode who turns it in to a Boston Crab, but he lets go. Young then hits a DDT on Roode and Brooks runs in and knees Young to the back and he falls outside of the ring.

Kim hits a Missile Dropkick on Brooks. Kim drop toeholds Roode onto Ms. Brooks. Kim jawbreakers Roode and Young and Kim double dropkick Roode out of the ring. Kim then pins the fallen Ms. Brooks and scores the three count. Your Winners: Eric Young and Gail Kim

After the match he shoves Ms. Brooks and blames her for the loss. He shoves her again and sends her away. Brooks then drops to the floor and leaves the ring. Young then slides back in the ring and pantses Roode and leaves.

Victory Road: Chris Harris vs. Christian Cage

The two stand in the center of the ring and face off. Cage shoves Harris and then they tie up feverishly. They lock up and Harris has a rear arm lock on Cage. Cage reverses again out of the hammerlock. Into the ropes and Harris shoulderblocks Cage. And a two count.

Harris now goes for a right hand but Cage ducks. Harris sends Cage to the ropes and hoists him up for a delayed Vertical Suplex. And then drops him. Cage slide outside and he and Harris exchange blows. Cage charges Harris and he back body drops him onto the outside floor.

Back inside now and Cage flies off the top ropes into Harris. Cage then slips outside and trips Harris and yanks him across the ringpost so he straddles it. Cage rolls back inside and gets to the second rope, then hits a European Uppercut off the second rope. Two count for Cage.

Cage charges Harris but Harris stands his ground. Cage then sends Harris outside through the ropes. Cage charges Harris and Harris hits a flying arm lariat.

Cage sends Harris outside again but he slides right back in and climbs the ropes. Cage leaps to the top ropes but gets shoved off by Harris and hits a Flying cross body and a two count for Harris.

Harris gets faceplanted by Cage now. But Harris then suddenly hits an Unprettier on Cage. Cage hits a knee to the face of Harris while standing on the apron. Cage then leaps in and charges Harris who catches Cage with a Spear and a two count.

Cage now hits an Unprettier on Harris and Harris actually kicks out. Cage now exposes the top turnbuckle. Harris then hits a Full Nelson Slam on Cage and a two count for him. Cage quickly rolls outside the ring and grabs a chair. Harris goes to exit the ring and Cage clocks him with the chair. Cage hits a Frogsplash and only gets two again. Suddenly Dustin Rhodes comes to the top of the entranceway. Cage then sees Rhodes and Harris rolls him up for a two count.

Cage calling for Tomko to come down. Rhodes hits the ring and clocks Harris with the handcuffs allowing Cage to roll up Harris for the pinfall and the victory. Your Winner: Christian Cage


Victory Road: Sting & Abyss vs. Tomko & A.J. Styles

Abyss and AJ start off. Styles dancing around Abyss, he kicks Abyss to the back of the knee and circles again. Ducks another lockup and again kicks him in the back of the knee. AJ does it again and then slides outside of the ring, Abyss follows. Back inside and Styles kicks Abyss in the head as he slides in.

Tomko tagged in now and Sting tagged in as well. Tomko goes for a right hand but Sting ducks it and hits a chop on Tomko, then another. Tomko goes for a backhand but misses. Sting sends a few more blows his way. Tomko charges Sting in the corner. AJ charges as well, Sting moves and AJ splashes Tomko instead. Sting then double Stinger splashes Tomko and Styles. Abyss then hits a Splash on Tomko and a face wash on Styles in the opposite corner. Abyss calls for a chokeslam but Tomko wriggles free and gets a Big Boot to the face. Two count for Abyss.

Styles now in and Abyss tries to set up a Styles Clash but Tomko in and makes the save. Tomko sends Abyss outside the ring. Back inside now and Tomko and Abyss double clothesline each other.

Styles in now and he charges Abyss who hits a huge back body drop on Styles. Sting sends AJ to the ropes but here come Sting who DDTs him and then he faceplants Tomko. Sting throws a punch at Styles and one to Tomko as well. Abyss climbs the ropes with aim on Tomko on the outside. AJ then dropkicks Abyss off the top rope to the outside onto Tomko. AJ then hit a suicide dive to the outside onto Abyss and Tomko on the outside. Sting then climbs the ropes and hits a flying cross body onto all three on the outside.

Inside the ring now and Sting tries a Scorpion but Styles fights him off then hits a big insiguri on Sting and a two count. Styles tags in Tomko who hoists up Sting but drops him down into a Fallaway Slam. Tomko gets a two count on Sting. Tomko punches Sting a few times and another two count.

AJ in now with Sting and he sits Sting on the top ropes. AJ goes for a Hurricanrada but Sting holds onto the ropes and AJ falls to the mat. Sting then counters with a flying clothesline. Both men down for a referee count. Abyss tagged in and he slaps a choke on Tomko and Styles but Tomko gets out. Styles charges and Abyss pancakes him.

Styles hits a Pelle on Abyss and Tomko tries to make the desperation cover, Sting makes the save. Styles gets hoisted up and Abyss hits Shock Treatment. Tomko slides in as Abyss calls for the Chokeslam. Tomko reverses into a Choketoss of Abyss and a two count. Sting in and he kicks the leg out from under Tomko and applies a Scorpion. Styles is distracting the referee, but Tomko is tapping out. Referee doesn’t see. Styles then springboards in the ring and catches Abyss. Styles gets tossed out of the ring now, and Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam on Tomko for the pinfall. Your Winners: Sting & Abyss

After the match James Mitchell comes to the top of the ramp and tells Sting and Abyss to enjoy their celebration while they can, because there are debts to be repaid and the Doomsday clock is ticking.

Victory Road: Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe vs. Team 3D [Match of Champions]

We have the typical main event introductions by Jeremy Borash. Samoa Joe and D-Von start off. They circle the ring. The two lock up and Joe with an arm wringer and a top wrist lock. D-Von reverses into a wristlock of his own. Joe takes his original wristlock back and how into a hammer lock. D-Von forearms Joe to the face.

Joe with a kick to D-Von, D-Von catches the third and sends Joe into the corner and pummels him then gets sent to the opposite corner. Joe hits a Pelle kick to the head of D-Von. D-Von now with punches to a tagged in Kurt Angle who hits an uppercut. Brother Ray tagged in and an arm drag by Angle. Ray backs Angle into the corner.

Angle sends Ray to the ropes, and telegraphs the back body drop. Ray kicks Angle, Angle German suplexes Ray and tags in Joe. Joe with some jabs to Ray. D-Von in now and Joe atomic drops him then hits a Senton splash and a two count. Joe grapevines the arm and tags in Angle.

Angle with a bit of offense then tags in Joe. Joe snap mares D-Von and knife edges him to the back of the neck. Joe then hits a knee drop to the face of D-Von and a two count.

Angle tagged in now and uppercuts D-Von. Angle with a back body drop onto D-Von and tags Joe back in. Joe with a punch to the kidney of D-Von and a double back elbow to the face of D-Von. Ray jumps in and gets double hip tossed. Joe with jabs on D-Von in the corner. Angle charges D-Von and gets spine busted. D-Von covers Angle but Ray in and pushes D-Von off. Ray then tags himself in and sends D-Von out. Angle quickly tags in Joe who hits some kicks and then gets full-body chokeslammed and goes for a pin, but D-Von breaks it up.

Ray then shoves D-Von to the mat and snuffs him while he’s down. Ray then leaves up the ramp and leaves D-Von in the ring. Ray then halts and comes back in and hits a low blow on Samoa Joe. Ray then holds Angle back for D-Von to pummel. They hug and go back to work.

Ray now working on Samoa Joe and tags in D-Von. D-Von hits a big elbow drop on Joe and a two count. D-Von takes Joe back to his corner and chokes him. Referee forces the break and Ray then chokes Joe as well. D-Von tags in Ray now and Team 3D is in charge. D-Von tagged back in and working on Joe in their corner.

Joe climbs the ropes and leaps at D-Von and kicks him in the head. Team 3D still in charge however as D-Von slaps a submission on Samoa Joe. Ray tagged back in again.

Joe makes a desperation tag to Angle who cleans house on Team 3D, Angle back body drops D-Von and then the same for Ray. Angle belly to belly’s D-Von then the same for Ray. Angle Slam attempt on Ray but he floats over. Ray slams Angle and D-Von climbs for the WHATTTSSSUUUPPP Flying headbutt. Joe walks around the outside and trips up D-Von. Angle then charges D-Von on the top and hits a snap underhook suplex from the top. Joe with a powerslam on Brother Ray. Angle hits a German Suplex on D-Von. Two count for Angle.

Angle hits a big Moonsault on D-Von and a two count as Ray makes the save. D-Von and Ray stand in the ring and Ray calls for tables but Joe and Angle simultaneously apply Ankle Locks on Team 3D.

Ray able to spin out of it. Angle then goes for a clothesline and connects with Joe. Team 3D then hits 3D on Angle and D-Von goes for the pinfall. Rick Steiner then slides in and breaks it up. Scott Steiner enters and clocks Ray with a pipe. Joe goes for the pinfall, but Angle breaks it up. Angle then hoists up Ray for the Olympic Slam, but Joe then takes out Angle and pins Brother Ray for the pinfall and the victory. Your Winner: Samoa Joe


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