Turning Point: Team 3D & Johnny Devine vs. Motor City Machine Guns & Jay Lethal [Tag Team Tables Match]

Devine starts off with Shelley. The bell rings and suddenly Brother Ray has a mic outside and tells everyone to sit down and shut up because Team 3D is the best tag team of all time.

Devine and Shelley exchange slaps until Devine takes Shelley down and then rolls through holding onto the arms and stomps him a few times. We break, Shelley goes to the ropes and hits a flying headscissors. Devine sends Shelley to the ropes and charges. Shelley catches him with the boot. Blind tag to Sabin who leaps in and hits a legdrop.

D-Von in now and a drop toe hold on him by Sabin. D-Von fights back and takes Sabin into the corner, ramming him repeatedly. Whips Sabin to the opposite corner. Sabin floats over avoiding contact. D-Von goes for a clothesline but Sabin hits a standing hurricanrada as a counter. Tag to Lethal who throws some jabs at D-Von. D-Von whips Lethal to the ropes and hits a snap powerslam.

Ray tagged in and chops Lethal. Lethal tries to battle back with jabs but to no avail. Ray applies an arm wringer submission to slow the pace.

Lethal reverses into an arm wringer of his own and then hits an arm drag, and another. Lethal still with steam bounces off the ropes but gets caught by Brother Ray in a Rock Bottom. Ray sends Lethal to the corner but here comes The Machine Guns in illegally and they hit a High-Low on Ray. D-Von and Devine in now and get taken care off easily. Only the Machine Guns and Lethal area left in the ring now and they simultaneously hit planchas to the outside on different sides of the ring onto the opponents. The fight ensues outside the ring.

Team 3D grabs a table and sees Lethal on his feet across the ring on the outside so Team 3D winds up and actually slides the table across the mat and it connects with Lethal’s chest on the other side of the ring. Devine and the Machine Guns inside now and hit a double team Sunset Flip maneuver on Devine. Team 3D quickly hits the ring to break up the momentum.

Team 3D hits a double team back suplex on Sabin and then goes to set up the table in the corner. They do so successfully. D-Von boot choking Shelley in the opposite corner to hold him off. Lethal now on the apron throwing punches at Ray. Team 3D whips Shelley toward the table but Sabin intercepts with a Spear of Shelley to keep him from hitting the table. Ray then charges Lethal who is now standing in front of the table, but Lethal sidesteps and Ray goes through himself. That does not count however since nobody put Ray through it.

Shelley sets up Devine on the apron about to powerbomb him through a table on the outside, but it is broken up. They droop down to the table and one leg breaks accidentally but that does not count either. Team 3d sets up a table in the ring now. They are about to 3D Shelley through but Lethal makes the save. Shelley then goes coast to coast and connects with Ray on the outside of the ring. Lethal and Devine inside now. Lethal clocks him with a kendo stick and props him on the table. Lethal climbs the ropes and connects with an Elbow Drop through the table. The referee is down though and does not see it. Team 3D comes in and clocks Lethal with the belt and puts Devine on top of Lethal. Referee back to his feet and sees it as a Team 3D victory. Your Winner: Team 3D and Johnny Devine


Turning Point: Angelina Love & Velvet Sky vs. ODB & Roxxi Laveaux

Angelina and Roxxi start off and lock up. Quick takedown by Love. Sky tagged in and she and Love do a GoDaddy dance and then a double elbow drop. ODB tagged in and Sky hits a dropkick on her then rides her like a horse. Sky now puts a wedgie on ODB. ODB then turns to the referee and gives him a wedgie. Sky sent to the opposing corner and Roxxi kicks her in the back. ODB pins her but only gets two.

Roxxi tagged in now and chops Sky then applies a blatant boot choke in the corner. Sky shot off into the corner, gets the boot up and charges back out but Roxxi hits a spine buster and gets a two count.

Sky set up in a tree of woe and ODB tagged in. She climbs right in and stomps on the crotch and bounces. Two count for ODB. Laveaux tagged in and she drives Sky’s head into the turnbuckle that ODB is sitting on. Sky then drop toe holds Roxxi head-first into the crotch of a seated ODB. Desperation tag made to Angelina Love. She hits a hurricanrada on Roxxi, then hits a Jawjacker on ODB followed quickly by a spinning jawbreaker. Two count only for Angelina.

Angelina sets up Roxxi in a Russian Legsweep, Sky bounces off of the ropes and dropkicks Roxxi to initiate the Russian Legsweep. Angelina gets the pinfall and the victory. Your Winners: Angelina Love & Velvet Sky


Turning Point: James Storm vs. Eric Young

Storm introduced first, then Young enters the ring through the crowd and jumps Storm. He goes right to work delivering blow after blow. They battles out of the ring, up the ramp. Young hits a dropkick on the ramp sending Storm rolling back down. Young is feverishly chasing and battering Storm. They race around the ring. Storm slides in. Jackie catches Young and holds him allowing Storm to hit a baseball slide but accidentally hits Jackie.

Battles ensues outside now. Storm sends Young into the guardrail and then works on the arm, driving it into the ringpost. Back inside the ring we go. Storm raking the eyes now.

Storm snap mares Young and applies a rear choke to slow the pace.

Storm hits a kick to the head of Young, then climbs the roles and connects on a Flying Cross Body. Young rolls through and gets a near fall two count. Reverse Russian Legsweep by Storm.

Storm hits the Eye of the Storm and goes to taunt the crowd, lying across the corner ropes a-la Shawn Michaels. He then goes for a nonchalant pin and gets only two. Arm bar applied by Storm.

Young battles back to a vertical base and reverses with a desperation scoop slam.

Young now favoring his left arm. He climbs the ropes and hits a Flying Elbow drop. Two count for Young. Storm now seated on the top turnbuckle. Young reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge and gets a two count. Young holding onto the injured left arm. Storm out of nowhere hits a snap insiguri kick followed by a back cracker, and a two count. Storm is visibly upset.

Storm calls for the Superkick. Young ducks, and then hits a scoop slam and only gets a two count. Outside Jackie has some beer in her mouth and jumps on the apron. She goes to sit it in Young’s face, he ducks and she spits in Storm’s face. Storm takes the bottle and downs it then winds up to clock Young. The referee takes the bottle away mid-swing. Young rolls up Storm for the pinfall and the quick three count. Your Winner: Eric Young

Turning Point: Senshi vs. Elix Skipper vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Shark Boy vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Lance Hoyt vs. Petey Williams vs. Chris Harris vs. B.G. James vs. Kip James vs. Homicide vs. Hernandez vs. Scott Steiner [Feast or Fired Match]

In order to take possession of a case you have to have the case in hand and both feet on the floor. Bell rings and we have all out mayhem. Petey Williams hits a plancha to the inside onto Shark Boy. Dutt does the same onto Senshi. Hoyt with a pancake on Homicide but is answered with a double clothesline on both Hoyt and Rave.

Shark Boy climbs a corner. Skipper climbs as well and hits a dopkick but slips and falls to the outside. Petey then leaps over the top and hits a hurricanrada to the outside. Dutt climbing a corner. Senshi climbs over him and then applies a hanging Dragon Sleeper. Petey quickly runs up and takes down case number four and makes it to the floor.

Chris Harris remains outside the ring not taking part in the match. The training staff has come down to the aid of BG James. It seems he is injured. He gets back up once Kip James takes down a case. Everyone surrounds Kip James. Kip then tosses the case to the outside to B.G. James and B.G. is the owner of the case. He now realizes that he may have the case that has the pink slip in it and says he does not want it.

Senshi charges Hernandez and gets propelled to the top rope. Senshi then takes down the third case and quickly hops down to the floor away from Scott Steiner. One case remains.

Inside the ring Homicide hits a Senton on Jimmy Rave, then tries a Gringo Killa but Christie Hemme hits the ring and rakes the eyes. The new member of the Latino Nation hits the ring and clocks Christie. Inside the ring Elix Skipper hits an overhead toss on Homicide. Shark boy kicks Skipper. Daniels sets up an Angel’s Wings on Shark Boy. Harris charges inside the ring and clotheslines Daniels. Harris tells Shark Boy to go get the case and he will watch his back .Shark Boy climbs. Harris then hits a back body drop on Shark Boy. Harris starts to climb and then decides he does not want the case. Harris goes for a Catatonic on Shark Boy who slips out. Shark Boy delivers a Shark Bite. Dutt in now and he hits a legscissors on Shark Boy. Dutt then charges Hernandez who Krackerjacks him from the inside of the ring to the outside onto a crowd of people. Hernandez sets up for a big Dive, but Kip James back in and starts to climb for the case. Hernandez pulls him down and hits a big dropkick on Hernandez and a crotch chop.

Steiner in now and he belly to belly’s Kip. Daniels in and he climbs and takes the case down but only gets to the mat. Hernandez interrupts and sets up a border toss. Daniels gets free and regains control of the case. He clocks Hernandez with it. James then attacks him from behind and hits a Rocker Dropper on Daniels on the Case. Steiner hits the ring and Belly-to-Bellys Kip out of the ring. Scott quickly takes the case and makes his way outside. Kip tries one last desperation dive, but misses. Scott gets to the mat and wins the case. Your Winners: Petey Williams, B.G. James, Senshi, and Scott Steiner The contents of the cases will be revealed this Thursday on impact.


Turning Point: Gail Kim [c] vs. Awesome Kong [Women’s Championship Match]

As Kim steps up to the apron Kong charges her and knocks her to the floor. Fight ensues outside the ring and Kong is in charge early. Gail tries to fight back with right hands but Kong answers with one big chop.

Kong charges Kim in the corner, and Kim moves. Kong meets the ring post face first. Kim works on the arm now. We are in the ring and finally have a bell. Kim working on the left arm and hits an arm breaker. Then an arm wringer and another arm breaker.

Kim tries again but this time Kong catches Kim and applies a rear choke, then swings Kim around in the choke and releases. Kong tosses Kim by the hair now and goes for a blatant boot choke. Kong applies a Camel Clutch. Now a big standing Choke Bomb by Kong.

Kong sends Kim to the corner and charges with a big splash. Kim has mounted hardly any offense so far. Kong hoists up Kim in a fireman’s carry but Kim grabs the top rope somehow to get the break called. Kim sits on the top rope. Kong charges, and Kim catches an arm then drops that into an arm bar. Kim now sets up a hammerlock submission, but Kong powers her way out and then charges Kim and chest bumps her down.

Kong sets up a Powerbomb. Kim floats over and tries a sunset flip. Kong catches her and grabs her by the throat. Picks her up to her feet and Kim hits a dropkick. Then another. Then to the top rope and as Kong is dazed she hits a big missile dropkick to the head. Kong is finally on her back. Kim quickly gets to the ropes and hits a top rope Senton splash and then a two count.

Kim riding a wave of momentum now, but Kong turns it around with a big clothesline. Crowd reacts with deafening “Boos.” Kong with a blatant boot choke. The referee tries to break it up. Kong pushes him off and then pie faces the referee. He throws out the match. Kong goes back to boot choking Kim. The bell starts to ring and suddenly Kong stops and realizes she’s been disqualified. She kicks referee Andrew Thomas in the gut and delivers a powerbomb. Kong goes back to work on Kim when Velvet Sky hits the ring and tries to help out, but Kong makes short work of her and chokeslams her. Back to Kim and here comes Angelina Love with a chair. Love swings, Kong ducks and punches the chair into the face of Angelina.

Fans chanting for ODB. Kong places the chair on the mat, and picks up Kim and Powerbombs her onto the chair. Kong now chokes out Kim after all of this and four security guards hit the ring and peel her off. She breaks free and leaves the ring on her own accord. Your Winner by DQ: Gail Kim


Turning Point: Abyss & Raven vs. Black Reign & Rellik [Match of 10,000 Tacks]

The match starts abruptly with Raven going after Rellik and Abyss on Reign. Raven hits a Running Bulldog on Rellik and Abyss hits a running fasewash on Reign. Raven and Abyss face off and they each do their trademark gestures to one another.

All four men battle outside now. Abyss and Reign battle into the crowds. Raven Russian Leegsweeps Rellik into the guardrail. Raven now takes Rellik over the guard rail and hits another Russian Legsweep into a wall in the stands.

On one side of the arena Black Reign takes the upper hand as they return to ringside. Abyss sets up a table and places the bed with tacks on top of the table. Abyss has Reign in a Chokeslam but Reign fights back. On the other side of the arena Raven and Rellik continue to battle at ringside, Raven working on the leg.

Back inside the ring now and Abyss uses Reign’s Darkness Falls weapon on Reign and he cuts him on the forehead. All four men inside the ring now and Abyss has Rellik across the shoulder. Reign kicks Abyss in the gut to make the save. Then he sends Abyss head first into a corner that has a chair propped in between the ropes.

Rellik takes a handful of tacks and punches Raven then he puts them in Raven’s mouth. Rellik with a kick to the gut of Raven, doubling him over. Rellik with more kicks to the legs of Raven now. Rellik now climbs and pummels Raven in the corner. Rellik reaches for another bag of tacks which is up on a poll in one corner. Raven powerbombs him down.

Raven suddenly hits an Evenflow DDT on Reign. Abyss up now and he is cleaning house on Reign and Rellik. Raven tosses Abyss a kendo stick and takes one of his own. Abyss clocks Reign. Raven clocks Rellik. Reign now gets the stick away from Abyss and clocks him then Raven.

Raven is now sitting on the ring apron outside. Reign sits on the top turnbuckle with the Darkness Falls Weapon about to clock Raven. Raven reaches up and grabs it, then whips Reign over to the outside through the bed of tacks on a table. Raven then sets up another bed of tacks propped between the guardrail and the ring apron. He places Rellik on it, and flies. Rellik moves and Raven goes through it.

Rellik and Abyss inside the ring now and Rellik gets the extra bag of tacks and spreads them across the ring. He charges Abyss but gets caught with a Chokeslam. As he picks him up, Rellik spews a liquid in Abyss’s eyes. Rellik now hits a few kicks and bounces off the ropes, charging Abyss, who catches him and hits a Black Hole slam onto the tacks, then scores the pinfall for the victory. Your Winners: Abyss & Raven


Turning Point: Booker T & Kaz vs. Christian Cage & Robert Roode

Cage and Kaz start things off. Cage delivers a series of knife edges to Kaz. Kaz hits the ropes, slides through Cage’s legs and hits a few knife-edges of his own. Cage hits the ropes now and leaps to the second rope and hits a corkscrew clothesline on Kaz. Cage bounces off the rope and gets caught with a kick by Kaz, he springboards off the second rope and hits a spinning legdrop onto Cage.

Robert Roode tagged in and now so is Booker T. Booker chops Roode, then applies a hammerlock. Roode breaks free and kicks him to the gut, then chops Booker. Booker clotheslines Roode and then hip tosses him. Two count. Suplex for Booker, float over, and a two count.

Cage tagged in now and he stomps away at Booker. Camera pans away onto that fan that is stalking Ms. Brooks. In the ring now. Booker T hits a back body drop on Cage. Kaz tagged in and they double back elbow Cage. One count for Kaz. Kaz sends Cage to the corner and drives the forearm to Cage. Roode comes in illegally and gets whipped into the corner into Cage. Cage and Roode are now both seated in the corner and Kaz hits a leaping delayed kick to the chest of Roode. Cage and Roode roll outside and Cage goes coast to coast and leaps to the outside, hitting a suicide dive forward roll onto both men. Back inside now Cage hits a spinning Neckbreaker on Kaz and gets only two.

Fans are getting quite into this one now with chants of Let’s go Kaz and Let’s go Cage. Cage takes Kaz into his own corner. Roode tagged in behind the ref’s back. Roode hits. a double underhook suplex on Kaz and scores a two count. Immediately he applies a rear choke to slow the pace.

Kaz battles to a vertical base and hits the ropes. Floats over Roode. Roode rolls up Kaz. Two count. Kaz with a pin and a bridge, two count. Backslide pin by Kaz. Two count. Kaz now with an Armbar pin. Two Count. Kaz goes to the apron, leaps in and gets caught in mid air by Roode who hits a Rock Bottom for a two count. Cage tagged in now.

Kaz hits a Wave of the Future on Cage and both men are now down. Booker T reaching for a tag from Kaz. Roode runs to Booker’s side of the ring and yanks him down from the apron preventing the tag. Cage now tags in Roode. Double back body drop on Kaz who lands on his feet, then somehow he hits a rear Neckbreaker on Cage and a DDT on Roode, all in one motion.

Booker T tagged in now and he back body drops Roode. Booker works on Cage, ducks a clothesline and hits a flying forearm on him. Booker to the ropes and misses an axe kick but connects on a spine buster. Two count for Booker.

Cage and Booker now battle on top of the top ropes. Cage tries to set up a Suplex. Booker shoves him down and then hits a Missile Dropkick. Booker about to do a spin-a-roonie but Roode slides in and clocks Booker. Booker hits a Harlem Sidekick on Roode, but Cage pokes the eyes of Booker. Booker rolls him up and gets only two. Kaz flies in and hits a double dropkick on Cage and Roode. Kaz goes rope to rope and dropkicks Cage who sends him toward Kaz in a corner and Kaz is back body dropped to the outside. Inside Cage and Roode try to double clothesline Booker but he ducks. Booker hits a double leg lariat taking them both down.

Booker with a spin-a-roonie. Roode outside now grabs the chair Ms. Brooks was sitting on. Kaz comes to her aid. Roode slides in with the chair and misses Booker T, and connects with Cage. Kaz dropkicks Roode out of the ring. Booker now just waits for Cage to get up and he hits an Axe Kick followed by the pinfall for the victory. Your Winners: Kaz & Booker T


Turning Point: Eric Young, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, Tomko, A.J. Styles

The Angle Alliance is introduced first. Kevin Nash makes his way out next. Samoa Joe introduced next, his music hits but he doesn’t make his way out. The music restarts and Joe now appears. Joe gets a mic and says that Scott Hall punked out on him and every fan in the building tonight by no showing. Samoa Joe says that he just realized he has a live mic on TNA. He says in TNA there are two types of wrestlers, one, TNA die hards who bust their butts every week and two, there are “superstars” who take time away from the wrestlers. He says he will explain what TNA is. He says it’s The Motor City Machine Guns, Black Machismo, and Samoa Joe. He goes on to say that TNA is about guys who love this business. He says its guys who risk their lives on scaffolding and wires, while the others come here to pad their pensions. He said he looked for a partner out of the guys in the back. He said that one man looked at him in the eyes and asked for a shot. Joe introduces his partner, Eric Young.

Joe and Styles start off. Quick pace. Joe rolls up AJ for a two count. Rope to rope they go, reversals and Joe rolls up AJ for a one count then he rolls AJ around the ring in a pin combination. Two count for Joe. AJ charges Joe who ducks. Joe kicks AJ in the back and chops him, then tags in Eric Young. Two count for Young.

Young slaps a rear choke on AJ who breaks free, and hits the ropes only to be back body dropped. Angle tagged in. Young and Angle lock up. Angle applies a side headlock, and then a shoulderblock. Two count for Angle. Uppercut by Kurt and another. Angle charges Young who hits a belly-to-belly suplex and a two count. Young tags in Nash. Angle quickly scurries to his corner and tags in Tomko.

Tomko and Nash lockup. Tomko tries to clothesline down Nash but cannot after two times. Nash then answers with a Big Boot to the face. He places Tomko in the corner and delivers a series of back elbows, and a bunch of knee lifts. Tomko delivers punches to Nash and tags in A.J. who charges Nash but runs right into a Sidewalk Slam. Young tagged back in and he hits a heel kick on Styles , and then hits a flapjack into a Neckbreaker. Two count for Young.

Young and AJ in the corner battling. AJ hits a Pelle, sets up Young on the turnbuckle for a superplex. Young blocks it and reverses into a front suplex plant on Styles. Both men down. Tags made to Nash and Angle. Nash hits a big boot on Angle. Tomko and AJ now go to the ropes and get clotheslined by Nash. Joe and Young come in and toss out AJ and Tomko. Young slingshots himself into Tomko and AJ who catch him. Joe then hits a Suicide Dive onto all three men. Angle tagged in and he applies an Ankle Lock on Nash. Joe steps in and thinks about allowing him to continue the hold. Joe starts to walk away then Superkicks Angle. He goes to his corner and Nash tags him in officially. Tomko ion now with Joe, Joe clotheslines him down twice and then takes AJ out of commission.

Nash now hits a Jackknife Powerbomb on Angle. AJ flies in out of nowhere and hits Nash with a Forearm. AJ leaps to the apron to springboard back in but Nash trips him up and he falls outside. Joe now hits a heel kick on Tomko. Young hits a Death Valley Driver on Tomko. Young whips Joe into Tomko in the corner. Joe picks up Tomko for the Muscle Buster and pins him for the victory. Your Winners: Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, Eric Young

Nash quickly leaves the ring and walks up the ramp out of the arena. Joe and Young are left in the ring to celebrate.


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