Celebrity-gossip website TMZ has picked up the story of Jake “The Snake” Roberts turning his life around through the help of fellow pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, and his “DDPYoga” workout regimen. The story notes that Roberts has lost 70 pounds in nine months, and is looking to get back into the ring at the ripe-old-age of 58.

DDP mentions that Roberts started the program doing one or two sessions a day and eating a more clean, healthy diet. He talks about how Roberts not only lost the impressive amount of weight, but the program has also helped him with his infamous drug and alcohol issues.

Another interesting note stemming from the TMZ article is that Roberts apparently has one unfulfilled goal, which is to compete in one more Royal Rumble match in WWE. Roberts made a surprise return at the Royal Rumble match in 1997, his final official “run” with the company outside of a few one-time-only returns here and there.

Roberts spoke about his Royal Rumble goal to TMZ. “I will never give up … I want a life again and I am pursuing that. The Rumble will define it.”

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