According to The Sports Courier, chances are high that former WWE performers Ken Anderson, Rob Van Dam and Paul Heyman will be debuting on tomorrow night’s three-hour iMPACT broadcast.

In the case of Anderson, there is a 95% chance that the former “Mr. Kennedy” will make his TNA debut tomorrow night. However, in the event he does not appear, “he will in the very near future.”

Regarding Heyman, they were told there is a 75% chance, if not better, that he will debut in TNA. Upon being informed of the report, Figure Four Weekly’s Bryan Alvarez said Heyman has indeed had discussions with TNA officials in recent months — though he’d probably deny them.

As has been speculated by numerous websites, Rob Van Dam appears to be headed to TNA. The Sports Courier feels there is a 70% chance of RVD showing up tomorrow night.

It’s also noted that Scott Hall is pretty much a lock to appear tomorrow night, as is Sean Waltman.

To read their report in its entirety, click here.

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