DENVER, CO — Denver’s controversial Canada geese culling is over for the year, but a lot of the outrage it stirred up remains. The Denver Parks and Recreation director has received threats from people who are opposed to the culling, FOX31 reported.

The city has worked with the federal government over the past two weeks to round up and kill more than 1,600 Canada geese. The goose meat is being cooked and served to families in need by an anonymous organization, city officials said.

Protesters have even been threatening the parks and recreation director’s children over social media, according to the FOX31 report. District representatives have also been receiving dozens of emails and calls.

For the past two decades, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services agency has assisted with culls in many municipalities. Private landowners have also sought assistance from the government.

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Last week, more than 100 people gathered to protest the geese cull in Washington Park. They signed a petition that is calling for the city to use nonlethal ways to reduce goose poop in parks.

The geese were culled from Washington Park, Sloan’s Lake, City Park and Garfield Lake Park. There are still more than 3,000 Canada geese that permanently live in Denver’s parks, officials said. When guarding their young, the geese have been known to attack people and dogs.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is allowed under a permit to cull up to 2,200 Canada geese statewide.

City officials said they’ll re-evaluate the practice of culling Canada geese next year.

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