— The Young Bucks, Nick and Matt Jackson, recently appeared on The Wrestling Perspectives Podcast with Petey Williams and Dennis Farrell and were asked about the recent trademark filings associating them to a new promotion called “All Elite Wrestling.” Below are quotes from the two from an audio file with the full podcast going online later tonight.

On the trademarks filed for All Elite Wrestling & being under contract to NJPW

Matt: When we did our first show, All In, last September, we closed the show and not one person left the building. And I remember speaking on the mic, it felt so special and it felt like more than just a wrestling event. It felt like a religious experience. I remember asking the fans ‘do you want more of this, would you want more of this’ and you could just feel it. It’s become a revolution, it is a movement. That night, we sat and as a group, and we talked about the possibility of doing another one. Of course, you do. After a hit movie, you talk about the sequel. So immediately we talked about doing another one, and right then and there, we knew in some capacity that there would be another one eventually. We didn’t know if it’d be a year from now, three years, five years, ten years. But we knew that eventually it would happen because we had so much damn fun doing it. So basically, we’re in a situation now where we don’t know exactly what we’re gonna do but we want to protect ourselves in case we decide to do something. We want to be proactive and get ahead of this thing. Cody said it we’re all sticking together and we’re doing this thing as a unit so whenever we do decide, we absolutely will do this as a team, we’re going to do this as The Elite. It’s going to be an interesting 2019.

Nick: Matt hasn’t said it, but we literally have offers on the table from…hell, I’ll say it…from every major company in the world. There’s still a lot to be discussed, we haven’t really said no to anything. We’re just keeping our options open and protecting ourselves.

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