The Usos recently spoke to Fox 45 in Baltimore about their careers in WWE, discussing what it is like to portray themselves on WWE television. Below are some highlights with a h/t to for the transcription.

On getting ready for matches:

Jimmy:”It’s all about longevity. Gotta keep that body, that car tuned up. That car can look nice on the outside, but if the engine ain’t runnin’ right you’re going to break down.”

Jey:”[We] play some Bob Marley, get in our own little corner. We get dressed and go over the game plan.”

On getting to be themselves on WWE television:

Jimmy: “Our characters – we’re lucky – we basically get to just be us out there. Some guys actually have to be somebody [else]or a character. I’m glad we get to be us, so that works. It’s easy, because it’s real.”

On being together for so long and how they got into wrestling:

Jimmy:”We are the longest running tag team ever in WWE History. … Four brothers, we grew up beating each other up, watching my Dad and family on TV. Breaking coffee tables, putting holes in walls, jumping off couches, it’s natural [being in the ring].”

The Miz’s New Goal

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, The Miz talked about how he isn’t happy that the WWE Championship isn’t closing shows, claiming his new goal is to make the title relevant.

“My goal is to make the WWE championship as relevant and prestigious as it should be. Do I think AJ Styles is doing a terrific job as WWE champion? Absolutely. But that WWE championship should be in the main event of every single WWE pay per view. It upsets me when I see that it is not. My goal is to not only win the Money in the Bank contract, cash it in and become WWE champion. I want to put that title back where it belongs: the main event.”

Source :

Sports Illustrated

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