— At the moment, there are plans to do a Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy match at WrestleMania, but that might change. Shawn Michaels is pushing to wrestle Flair in what will likely be his final match at WrestleMania.

— After John Cena called management telling them that he was cleared to return to the ring, it was kept a secret from practically everyone, sans the people in WWE’s inner circle. In the end, the wrestlers were surprised by Cena’s return, just like the fans, as they didn’t mention his return to them prior to the show. Word from backstage earlier in the day said that Jimmy Snuka was in the building, but nobody said a thing about Cena, thus meaning he probably hid in a car throughout the night and didn’t enter the building until shortly before he made his grand entrance.

— In an update to Raw’s best rating for a non-special since last April, the show drew a 3.87 cable rating to be exact, so that rounds up to a 3.9 rating. The show drew 5.4 million viewers overall.

Click here for more on the planned matches for Mania; contains No Way Out *SPOILERS*

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