The following are highlights of a recent interview with WWE Superstar The Miz:

On his wedding with Maryse: “I wanted a wedding where I could actually be able to talk to everyone and just hang out and have fun. It was beautiful and wonderful and perfect.”

On getting to WrestleMania: “You always try to find your way into that main event category. It’s a little bit of everything (to get there). It’s doing everything the WWE needs to do, and hopefully the fans catch on and say, ‘Hey, this guy works harder than anybody. This guy has the talent and the ability, whether it’s on the microphone or in the ring.'”

On being a heel vs. being a babyface: “I do it because I want to entertain that audience the best that I can. I want reaction from that audience. They can boo me, they can cheer me. I don’t care which one it is. I just want that initial reaction. That’s what it’s all about, entertaining those families that are our fans.”

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