Welcome, boys and girls, to the newest episode of the Lawcast. Today, the day that we set aside this year to love and appreciate all that is New Japan Pro Wrestling, we are excited to bring you a different kind of podcast. Instead of focusing on just one show, we decided to take a ride throw NJPW history and we tried our best to hit all the big bits, from the Three Muskateers, (both of them!), to the reckless scourge of Inokism and how it almost destroyed the company, to the amazing rebirth and success of New Japan in the last decade.

It’s a TON of stuff to talk about, and we do our best to keep it fun and keep it breezy, so even someone who has never seen a Tiger Suplex can follow along and learn something cool about the second biggest promotion in professional wrestling.

Here are some topics that were cut for time, because Law wouldn’t let me make this a 5 hour podcast: Bob Sapp, the early 00s stable wars, The Great Muta, NWO Japan, and the rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of Tetsuya Naito. Look for that stuff in a part 2 somewhere down the track!

All this and more, this week on the show!


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