After a highly publicized feud with Anthem Sports & GFW/Impact Wrestling over the rights to the “Broken Hardy” characters, Matt Hardy and his wife Reby took to Twitter to apparently respond to recent reports about behind-the-scenes trouble in GFW. Reby also retweeted a report that Anthem is “hemorrhaging funds.” Sports Illustrated reported this week that GFW’s parent company Anthem Sports is looking to sell GFW and finish their stint in the wrestling business.

In August, Reby told Sports Illustrated that they were willing to go to court with Anthem but would rather settle the issue like “civil human beings.” She says Senjor Benjamin (her father) and Maxel (her son) never signed any kind of release or contract for their images to be marketed by GFW/Impact or Anthem Sports. She also claims that she created, shot, directed, and edited a lot of footage which she never gave them permission to use.

GFY and the Hardys have been locked in a legal battle over the Broken Matt and Brother Nero characters since 2017, with GFW arguing that the characters were created by their employees while working for the company. The Hardys claim that they created the whole gimmick, producing the majority of the Broken Universe segments themselves along with Jeremy Borash and Billy Corgan. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the Hardys even tried to get Borash to join them in WWE to work on Hardy family storylines, but it didn’t pan out.

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