What’s up hood rats? Your boy BNB is back for another edition of the Ghet-ghet-ghetto Blast!! Hope you enjoyed the first foray to the wrong side of the tracks? And for those of you first time readers, we’ll get you initiated in no time.
When this whole Kofi Kingston title run started off I wasn’t really on board. I figured it would be a happy feel good Mania moment, followed by a short term title run. Well we’re nearly 2 months in now, and I think this has been one of the best handled face runs in a long time. Kofi just has that sort of sunshine and rainbow magnetism that you look for in a super baby face, and I find myself legitimately bothered each and every time he gets screwed over or jumped from behind by the heel. Hopefully WWE takes note of how well this organic mega push from the audience has gone, and continues to do more in the future? The cherry on top for BNB would be the inevitable heel turn of Big E and possibly Xavier Woods on Kofi, but I won’t get too greedy.
How poorly have the past year of NXT call ups been handled? Worst part is, they weren’t even needed!! You’re telling me Ricochet couldn’t have benefited from some more seasoning on the mic? You’re telling me EC3 couldn’t have had a decent heel run in NXT before being called up? You’re telling me Nikki Cross couldn’t be better served as part of the depleted NXT women’s division? But here we are with these 3 potential contributors doing virtually next nothing, or at least being stuck in very 1 dimensional roles. These call-ups have reached a point where they’re essentially meaningless. If you ask me, I’d like to see maybe 1 or 2 call ups per year, per gender. Make it special!! In fact, make it a ladder match at Wrestlemania ( well the associated Takeover anyhow). The MITB match used to be one of my favorite mania matches every year. Put a main roster contract up there with your top 4 or 5 NXT players competing for it, and sign me up all day!! I also hope that Tyler Breeze’s recent return to NXT is a sign of things to come as well. For every call up of a  guy/gal that is ready, there should be an equal call down for those in need of a re-boot. Call it the Newton’s Law Of Call-Ups.

Outside the Fed I feel the need to bring up Jon Moxley. Just a few weeks removed from WWE and this guy is already a main player wherever he’s gone. However, I can’t help but feel that this might end up being a case of too much, too soon. Sure Moxley was a major player in the Dub, but is he really the type of guy that deserves to be showered with titles as soon as he walks in the door? It’s giving me a bit of a big fish/small pond type feeling, and I’m not sure this is in the best interest of the new federations he’s entering.
Hope to hear your thoughts and opinions hood rats.
Unit next time, it’s all good in tha hood!!

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