LAWTON, OK — Jerel Heywood had a terrible, awful, no-good kind of day Sunday. He was paying a call on a friend in Lawton, Oklahoma, and uttered something not as mild as “snakes alive!” when he opened the door to buddy Rodney Copeland’s house and got an unexpected greeting from an intruder.

Yes, it was a snake. And it most certainly was alive. The more than 5-foot-long reptile had coiled itself around a porch light — Copeland figures to escape heavy rains that have recently drenched Lawton.

The snake, it turned out, had a worse day than Heywood, but it held its own for a while, lunging from off the porch light and biting Heywood in the head before retreating back to where it had been hiding.

Heywood swore. He clutched his face. He stumbled into Copeland’s house, shouting, “Take me to the hospital! Take me to the hospital! I just got bit by a snake!”

Copeland and his wife took Heywood to a local hospital for snake-bite treatment. It turned out the snake was a nonpoisonous bull snake, and doctors prescribed a round of antibiotics.

“No stitches thankfully,” Heywood told CNN of the treatment for his encounter with the agitated snake, “but they cleaned me up pretty good.”

Copeland told the network he was in shock after his friend was bitten. “This could’ve been any one of us,” he said.

Meanwhile back at Copeland’s house, things weren’t going so well for the snake.

All the screaming by Heywood and Copeland’s wife attracted the attention of a neighbor, who armed himself with a couple of hammers and took action. He knocked the snake off the porch light and, well, the snake won’t bite anyone ever again.

And, if Copeland’s theory is correct, other snakes won’t venture up to his house. He told CNN he plans to douse his lawn with sulfuric acid.

“I hear they don’t like that,” he said.

You can watch the drama unfolding below in videos from a doorbell camera that Mashawn Copeland posted on Facebook.

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