As we all know by now, the relationship between Enzo Amore and Big Cass is now kaput. Cass revealed that he has been the one attacking Enzo Amore these past few weeks. He also booted his former friend in the face to end Monday Night Raw. According to Cageside Seats, Enzo and Cass are set to face each other at Great Balls of Fire, but that is apparently going to be it for their feud. Big Cass is probably going to win that match very easily before moving on to his next feud. After that match ends, Big Cass is probably going to be wrestling a different opponent, and he is somebody who he has had a few encounters with on the most recent editions of Raw.
Big Cass is set to enter a feud with the Big Show that will culminate in a match between the two men at SummerSlam. Cass attempted to accuse Big Show of attacking both Cass himself and Enzo Amore before he revealed himself to be the mystery attacker. The Big Show has also been teaming up with Enzo lately, so it is possible that Enzo could be in Big Show’s corner for the match, but that is just speculation at this point. WWE reportedly sees a ton of potential in Big Cass, therefore they made the decision to make him his own man, and they will be pushing him very hard over the next few months. Expect to see the two big giants go face-to-face and do battle this August at SummerSlam.
In other news, PWInsider has reported that WWE stars Darren Young and Tommaso Ciampa were spotted in Birmingham, Alabama this week. The two of them are apparently undergoing some therapy and medical procedures to determine when they will be able to return to the ring. Darren Young injured his shoulder last year, and Ciampa has been out with an aggravated ankle injury that he suffered just before turning on his partner Johnny Gargano at the last Takeover show. It is unclear when Tomasso will be able to come back, but doctors are hopeful that it will be sooner than originally believed. As for Darren Young, he has been rehabilitating his injury quite nicely, and he could be cleared to return very soon.


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