– As we recently saw on RAW, WWE has been showing footage of the old “WWF scratch logo” without it being blurred or altered. Amid speculation that WWE had reached some sort of agreement with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), PWInsider.com confirms that WWE recently made a payment to the WWF which allows WWE to show the old WWF logo, as long as it is archived footage.

With WWE converting much of its library of footage to digital in preparation for the WWE Network launch, it’s believed that WWE saved a ton of time and money by reaching a settlement with the WWF over usage of the old logo in this context.

– Former TNA star Alex Shelley is booked several New Japan Pro Wrestling shows in September. Also appearing are former WWE talent David Hart Smith, Low Ki (Kaval), Lance Hoyt (Vance Archer) and Alex Koslov.

– WWE posted the following video footage of celebrities (and Triple H) discussing WWE’s “Be A Star” anti-bullying campaign at Thursday night’s SummerSlam kickoff party in Beverly Hills:

* PICTURES from WWE’s SUMMERSLAM PARTY: Celebs, Divas & More!

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