— CableFax, a cable industry publication, has announced the nominations for the CableFax Program Awards. There are several nominations regarding WWE, likely submitted by WWE. Vince McMahon is up for a 2008 CableFAX Hall of Fame Inductees award. Shawn Michaels is up for a Best Actor/Actress/Host award. Monday Night RAW is up Best Show or Series In The Following Genre: Other award. Vince McMahon’s Car Explosion is up the Best Surprise Ending award. Stephanie McMahon is up for a Best Writer award. WWE is also up for a Best Use of HD Technology award alongside the NHL. It’s interesting to note that there is no WWE nomination for the Most Unrealistic Scene That Was Most Entertaining award. You can see the complete nominations list at this link.

— TMZ.com has a video of a photog asking Hulk Hogan questions. He asks him about his divorce, how his son is doing, and his thoughts on Freddie Prinze, Jr. joining WWE. Regarding Prinze, Jr., Hogan says, “I think he’s probably just as qualified as everybody else up there that knows nothing about the art form of the business.” You can see the video at this link.

— DK Publishing has plans to release a WWE Encyclopedia as a part of the WrestleMania XXV hype next March, reports PWInsider.com. The book will cost around $40. DK Publishing has published similar books for other entertainment companies such as DC Comics.

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