Thanks to reader James Brown for calling in these Smackdown spoilers from Boston, MA:

Smackdown opened with Great Khali coming out with his Indian dancers. Big Show comes out and Khali welcomes him with gifts, including a goat, a chicken and fine scotch. Big Show proceeds to knockout Khali with one punch. “It was truly one of the worst in ring segments of all time.”

* WWE Tag Team champs The Miz and John Morrison defeated Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore. The match was solid.

* Vickie Guerrero and Edge were getting massages away from the venue with the night off.

* Finlay defeated Matt Striker. There were lots of bad comedy with hornswoggle using a super soaker to spray Striker. He then used confetti to dump on Striker while Finlay came from behind with a bucket of water and dumped that on poor Matt. The finish saw Hornswoggle slam a plastic Shillelagh on striker which he grabbed. The referee took the toy away and with his back turned, Finlay used real Shillelagh and blasted Striker for the pin.

* Batista and Shawn Michaels had an awesome face off. Michaels promised to kick Batista’s teeth in at the Backlash PPV. Michaels teased a superkick but Batista caught him and went for the Batista Bomb. Michaels escaped.

* Vladimir Kozlov defeated Matt Logan. This will never make TV, but Kozlov botched his introduction twice, first by heading out before they were filming and then walking backstage as the lights were on. Absolutely hysterical live.

* Victoria introduced Natalia Neidhart. They did a video package on her and put over she was Jim Neidhart’s daughter. She cut a promo and did his trademark laugh. Victoria defeated Michelle McCool after Neidhart distracted her.

* Matt Hardy defeated Chuck Palumbo with the Twist of Fate. WWE United States champ MVP did commentary at ringside.

* They did several vignettes with Edge and Vickie Guerrero to give the impression they were having sex.

* Undertaker defeated Festus with the gogoplata submission. Edge’s crew attacked Undertaker, Batista ran in. They beat the faces down and Kane made the final save. They did stereo chokeslams to close the show.

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