WWE taped this week’s editions of ECW on Syfy and WWE Superstars on WGN on Sunday night in Virginia.

Thanks to reader Nicolas Moore for sending in this live report:

Dark Match:

Kaval (Low Ki) beat Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lee via pin after a ghetto stomp from the top rope.


Show starts off with The Abraham Washington Show with Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendez. Now I was right beside the titantron however there was a curtain blocking my path so I couldn’t see but I could hear. They read poems to each other and apparently started making out on the couch. End of segment.

Backstage, Regal is talking to Ezekiel about his actions last week and how he needs to get his head in the game because tonight he’s tagging with Kozlov against Christian and Shelton Benjamin.

Goldust beats William Regal after a rollup after Ezekiel and Kozlov getting a scruff outside of the ring costing Regal the match.

Backstage, ECW GM Tiffany (sp?) is talking to Paul Burchill about how he can’t get back on ECW because of the loss against Hurricane a couple weeks back. Burchill storms out and gets passed by Trent Boretta and C. Croft and they talk to Tiffany about their coming up match.

Trent Boretta and C. Croft beat Bobby Shields and ???? (Couldn’t make out his name) in a pretty boring match. Seems as though Boretta and Croft are heels.

Christian and Shelton Benjamin beat Ezekiel and Vlad Kozlov after Benjamin hits a t-bone suplex on Kozlov. More arguing between the roundtable (Ezekiel, Kozlov, and Regal)


Hurricane beats Zack Ryder via DQ after a masked man runs out into the ring and hits a suplex on Hurricane. Before this happens, Ryder rolls out of the ring and lays there until after the match is over.

Dolph Ziggler beats Matt Hardy which I thought was the match of the night. Ziggler won by a rollup with constant false counts.

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