TNA after hyping the “most shocking moment of the year” at the end of Thursday’s episode of TNA iMPACT!, fans got a video hypgin “3/3/11” – a clear ripoff of the 2/21/11 videos that aired on WWE television in recent weeks.

At Thursday’s TNA iMPACT! tapings from North Carolina, the surprise was revealed to be the return of Sting – and TNA fans are not happy about it.

Below, check out the 3/3/11 video that TNA hyped as the”most shocking moment of the year” and below that – Twitter feedback from TNA fans – who sound pissed off about how the whole thing was handled.

Tweets from TNA fans lashing out against TNA president Dixie Carter:

cherberrie: @tnadixie I caught the last five minute of your programming and it blows.. It is terrible… You will never be WWE. stop trying to be!

canadianbulldog: Dear @TNADixie – Nice “Surprise”. Maybe next time you can surprise us with a wrestling promotion that doesn’t absolutely f***ing suck.

JAVincen: @TNAwrestling @TNADixie Wow…The big surprise ending is a rip off of WWE’s Undertaker promo for Sting…. Disappointing……

trtx84: Oh lord. Really @TNADixie? We’re just gonna straight up copy WWE wholesale now? Embarrassing… #3311

TweepzMostLuvd: @TNADixie anything to keep them away from #1 huh? That’s why this cpmpany will go down. What a let down.

jakeblckmn: @TNADixie could you please be more original, 3-3-11 really? and you wonder why your company sucks and is in the gutter, get new writers

WrestleWrestle: Y’know @TNADixie , if you’re that driven to flush money down the toilet, you could just send it to me and save everyone a lot of pain.

MrGamer2558 : @TNADixie a mock video of WWE’s 2-21-11 for Sting is your big surprise? you’re kidding? this is a f***ing joke right?

thedylan2296: @tnadixie tna is officially dead… dixie… why? at victory have someone squash sting very quick… i wont care as long as sting looses

PocketVolcano: @TNADixie Seriously, just close up the company. Your talent is severely underpaid (esp the women) and you keep rehashing WCW stuff. Stop.

AreYouHie: @TNADixie when can i take over creative control of TNA? im pretty sure i’d bring in more viewers with much better “surprises”

bookerg: Only 1/2 an hour to go till @TNAwrestling & @tnadixie disappoint me with another overhyped “shocking surprise”! Who-hoo!

Lamou420: @TNADixie enough with the surprises already. We all know you can’t deliver. Every time #tna announce a “big surprise” it’s a let down.

Morris272: Sting in WWE would of been great in TNA its boring and predictable.

CdnOtakuGamer: Actually, the big surprise is that @TNADixie brought a big cake for everyone… But Matt Hardy ate it all backstage.

GrappleKingdom: Dear @TNADixie and @TNAwrestling – see how @WWE announced Sin Cara? THAT is how you make an impact in the wrestling world.

xthegunshow: @TNADixie Oh wow Sting vs Jeff Hardy…you really know how to keep those viewing figures down.

EmJayEch: The WWE is horrible & they lost me as a fan years ago, TNA is my CHOICE but TNA has opportunity and they BLOW IT BIG TIME. F-THIS @tnadixie

NotTripleH: Are we sure that TNA has the real Sting backstage, or the NWO Sting? Because I doubt @TNADixie knows the difference. #VintageDixie.

xthegunshow: @TNADixie No one gives a f*** that Sting is at tonights Impact Taping, people want him in WWE. You use him horribly.

XDustinEFLX: @TNADixie: Instead of paying your wrestlers more,you’re wasting more money on a second Jersey Shore ‘star’? Are you stupid?

gersfan22331: @TNADixie wow dixie the big suprise was sting wow the old man chose to stay with the 5TH rate trash that is tna

awesome_since88: @TNADixie OMG I wonder who 3-3-11 is??? This is going to change pro wrestling forever!! If I can only control myself for a whole week #TNA

EdgeUniversity: @TNADIxie so…your huge surprise for Impact was that you can copy a promo video that @WWE has been doing for the past month? GREAT JOB!

james_donald: YAY FOR COPYING WWE!!!! f*** you you dumbass bitch @TNADixie.

bookerg: I’M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH TNA. Don’t say “SHOCKING SURPRISE” and not deliver. @TNAwrestling and @tnadixie. You just lost a viewer. FU.

Joerrd: @TNADixie LOL. That little 3-3-11 promo? That’s the reason nobody takes your bingo hall company seriously.

The_Kliq_Army: @TNADixie so #TNA just basically stole the #WWE #Taker22111 promo lame

divalover159: @TNADixie learn to be original and never EVER copycat. if you want to be taken very seriously and not as a joke that you just made yourselfs tonight. learn to be original or your nothing more but a joke. just saying.

wmkrow: wow, @tnadixie, good job ripping off WWE and their 2-21-11 bit. Same font and everything.

Relentless_J: Lmfaoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! TNA really copied WWE by making a 3-3-11 video??? @TNADixie can’t use ORIGINALITY!?!?!?

JeebusOMalley: @TNADixie Seriously? Not even gonna pretend to have an original thought huh? Unbelievable. Impact is garbage.

PhantomLordNYC: @TNADixie Jesus Christ can’t you people come up with anything original at all???

DarkMatchRaslin: @TNADixie we liked the Sting promo the first time we saw it…when it was for Undertaker in WWE a month ago…seriously, even the numbers?

J712v2: A mock 2/21/11 video? Really TNA? Really? Dear Spike: Take TNA off TV, and put ROH on instead!

1ISchmo: Wow. Creative means being creative, not copying something from another show. The shits beyond. @TNADixie, enjoy the final year.

* PICTURE of STING’s TNA Return from Thursday’s iMPACT! Taping (MAJOR SPOILER)

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