— WWE.com’s Smackdown preview for tonight:

A phenomenal ascent
What will be the fallout of this Ultimate Thrill Ride barnburner between Styles and Shane-O-Mac? Will a new level of respect be forged between the two Superstars? Could matters intensify between the two? Or, could Styles find himself fired after all?

The Viper reigns yet again
Now that The Viper has reclaimed the WWE Championship on The Grandest Stage of Them All, what is next between these two former “brothers”? Will The New Face of Fear come looking to reclaim what was lost? Or, will a new challenger step into the spotlight?

The proposal seen ‘round the world
What is next for the two love birds? Will they take some take to celebrate their engagement, or will they return to SmackDown LIVE tonight?

Team Blue is feeling the GLOW yet again
How will Naomi kick off her second reign atop the Team Blue Women’s division? And who will be the first to step up and try to turn to dim the lights on the GLOW?

More to come between The Lunatic Fringe and The Lone Wolf?
Having evened the score after Corbin’s savage attacks leading up to The Ultimate Thrill Ride, will The Lunatic Fringe be able to move on? Or, will The Lone Wolf regroup and re-attack, leading to even more uncanny chaos between the two?

Will any new talent emerge on Team Blue?
Following some surprising arrivals on Raw (The Revival! Mr. McMahon!!), who can we expect to see show up on SmackDown LIVE? The Raw after WrestleMania has grown to mythical proportions with the WWE Universe, but now, in a post-Brand Split world, what surprises will Team Blue have in store just two days after The Ultimate Thrill Ride?

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