One of the biggest differences in pro wrestling today than during The 1980s & 1990s is the difference in characters. The Golden Age Of Wrestling & The New Generation had many over-the-top characters like Earthquake or Doink The Clown in addition to flamboyant personalities like “Macho Man” Randy Savage & “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.
Sheamus is someone who longs for those old days and misses the characters in wrestling. He recently talked with about how pro wrestling has evolved over the years and moved away from these eccentric personalities, as seen below:
“Today a very different product is offered,” said Sheamus. “I think we’re missing some characters. Yes, I believe it. I think we are leaving the creation of characters a little abandoned. Any important series like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead base their product around the characters and their background. I think the athletes and wrestlers that we have today are the best in the history of the business, although in turn I think the business has changed to what people want to see.”
WWE still has some characters but they aren’t highlighted as much as they were in the past. Sheamus pointed out fellow countryman Finn Balor as someone with a unique character that is often forgotten about, as seen below:
“Then you see Finn Bálor with his alter ego from The Demon, you also have the Bludgeon Brothers – there are a lot of characters, but I think they should be reinforced a bit more,” stated Sheamus. “Perhaps one of the most popular characters that WWE has right now is the prodigy of NXT, The Velveteen Dream. He is a 23-year-old star, talented and with an arrogant character who is destined to do great things in the future.”
Sheamus declares himself to be a big fan of “The Dream” and insists on re-introducing flashy characters on television drastically, as seen below:
“I do not mean characters like The Berzerker or Papa Shango,” said Sheamus. “I do not mean unrealistic characters. I mean things about which people can feel identified. But that’s one thing that talent should do itself, and it’s taking the opportunity to show fans a personal side. Although I reiterate again, we have never had as many talented stars as we have today.”
For the past five years or so, WWE has trended more towards a “reality era” in part due to the influence of social media and the internet. Real-life personalities are moving to the forefront, but Sheamus thinks there is still a place for flashy characters in today’s wrestling.
Sheamus was then asked about his favorite wrestling characters and it would be hard to find many fans who disagree with him, as seen below:
“As for personality, without a doubt my favorite of all time is Macho Man Randy Savage,” stated Sheamus.
“As for character, there is no doubt that the greatest of all time is The Undertaker, right? Look at all the time he has spent in the business and everything he has achieved. He is one of the greatest in history and I will remember him forever.”

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