Back in December 2017, WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose was seriously injured shortly after a push begin to reunite all three members of The Shield. It was reported at the time that the “Lunatic Fringe” would be out of action for approximate nine months after undergoing surgery to repair a high-grade triceps tear, forcing him to miss WrestleMania and possibly even SummerSlam depending on how quickly he rehabbed.

Fellow Shield brother Seth Rollins made a special appearance on KFM 94.5 this week while touring Cape Town, South Africa and actually gave a small update on Dean’s condition. The “Kingslayer” noted that while he isn’t sure on the exact details of the injury, he expects Ambrose to be back in the ring by this summer if not sooner.

“Ambrose is injured, yes. I don’t know the details or the whereabouts of his injury but he had some pretty extensive triceps surgery earlier this year, so he’s definitely still on the mend and rehabbing. He’ll be back and better than ever, you wait. Summer time, maybe late spring – somewhere in there I think, whenever that wiley guy gets back to normal.”

When he does return, Ambrose remains a member of the RAW roster much like Rollins and Roman Reigns, so it is feasibly possible that we could see The Shield back in action again before too long. That being said, the current Intercontinental Champion made it pretty clear in his interview with KFM 94.5 that while they’re all still brothers, they will probably be doing their own thing going forward.

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