The official website of Rolling Stone has published a new article which looks at the rise of Daniel Bryan in WWE, as well as the explosion of popularity behind his “Yes! Movement.”

When asked about his popularity as compared to Steve Austin, “When you look at Steve Austin, if he’d happened in different eras, he would have been hated. Hulk Hogan, if he came out now saying, ‘America, take your vitamins,’ and he’s this jacked-up dude, you would get people going, ‘Wait, what? I hate this guy.’ To me, it’s whether you fit into the atmosphere.”

He also spoke about what he wants for his future with his fiancee, WWE Diva Brie Bella. “Brie and I would like a simple organic farm that’s not farming to sell stuff, but just to be self-sufficient. You never know what the world’s gonna be like.”

Brie put over her future husband as a guy who is changing the perception of “smaller guys” in the business. “Daniel is making not only your hardcore wrestling fan base, but your casual viewer, look at the smaller guys differently.”

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