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Table Of Contents:
-New ROH Video Wire With Tammy Sytch
-Big 10 Sale at ROHwrestling.com
-This Weekend’s Boston & Edison Lineups
-“Undeniable” PPV Debut On January 18th
-The Fans Vote On The Best Of 2007 In ROH

The new ROH Video Wire is up at www.ROHvideos.com and on Youtube.com for FREE!!! Check it out to see the explosive altercation between Tammy Sytch and Lacey from Dec. 30th in Manhattan plus much more including highlights of the ROH World Tag Team Title Change, FIP World Heavyweight Title Change, Tables Are Legal Match and more. This is a SUNNY ROH Video Wire and you can see if for FREE.

The Big 10 Sale is now at www.ROHwrestling.com until Thursday morning. There are now over 100 ROH show, Straight Shootin’, Secrets Of The Ring, Best Of and FIP DVDs for only $10 each. There is also a 10% off your entire order sale. You can combine these sales and get the DVDs for less than $10 each. Check the main page of ROHwrestling.com for details. You can also get $10 tickets for this Friday in Boston, this Saturday in Edison, Jan. 25th in Dayton and Jan. 26th in Chicago. Act now because the sale ends Thursday morning.

Here are the lineups for this weekend’s shows. Get tickets for under $10 until Thursday morning at ROHwrestling.com:

Ring of Honor
January 11th, 2008- 8:00pm belltime
Boston University (Case Gym)
285 Babcock Street
Boston, MA 02215

This event is right off Comm. Ave and you can get tickets for under $10 at www.ROHwrestling.com until Thursday morning.

The ULTIMATE Ultimate Endurance
Elimination match with the first fall being a Tag Team Scramble, the second fall with the remaining three teams is No DQ, the final fall between the last two teams is for the ROH World Tag Team Titles:
ROH World Tag Team Champions Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black with Lacey vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Jack Evans & Jigsaw with Julius Smokes & Mercedes Martinez vs. Brent Albright & BJ Whitmer with Shane Hagadorn

“The Best In The World” vs. “The Greatest Athlete In Wrestling”
Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Hero with Larry Sweeney, SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey & Bobby Dempsey

FIP World Heavyweight Title Match
Erick Stevens defends vs. Austin Aries

Special Challenge Match
Kevin Steen vs. The Necro Butcher

Special Attraction Match #1
Roderick Strong vs. El Generico

Special Attraction Match #2
Ruckus with Julius Smokes vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Bonus Match
Delirious vs. Sal Rinauro of The YRR

Daizee Haze vs. Alexa Thatcher

Daniel Puder will make his in ring ROH debut

Plus more with: Eddie Edwards; Jason Blade & Kenny King of The YRR; Pelle Primeau; Top Of The Class Trophy Holder Ernie Osiris and more!!!

Inman Sports Club
January 12th, 2008- 7:30pm belltime
990 Inman Avenue
Edison, NJ 08820

$10 tickets now at www.ROHwrestling.com until Thursday morning

Anything Goes Brawl
Jay & Mark Briscoe with Daizee Haze vs. The Necro Butcher & Tyler Black with Lacey

FIP World Heavyweight Title Match
Erick Stevens (if still champion) defends vs. Bryan Danielson

Special Challenge Match #1
Austin Aries vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Special Challenge Match #2
Jimmy Jacobs with Lacey vs. Jack Evans with Mercedes Martinez

Battle Of The Bulls
Brent Albright vs. Kevin Steen

Vulture Squad vs. No Remorse Corps
Jigsaw with Julius Smokes vs. Roderick Strong

Six Man Tag Action
Mike Quackenbush, Delirious, & El Generico vs. The YRR of Sal Rinauro & FIP Tag Team Champions Jason Blade & Kenny King

Tag Team Attraction
BJ Whitmer & Shane Hagadorn vs. Eddie Edwards & Bobby Fish

Daniel Puder will be in action

Larry Sweeney promises a historic announcement concerning Chris Hero & SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey

The “Undeniable” pay-per-view will debut at an affordable price on January 18th on iN DEMAND, The DISH Network and TVN cable systems. See history as Nigel McGuinness challenges Takeshi Morishima for the ROH World Title plus much more!!!

The fans have spoken and chosen the elite of 2007. Here is a look at what the diehard fans of the ROHwrestling.com message board voted as the very best of 2007 (voting period is 12/06-12/07):

Match Of The Year:
1) Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima from “Manhattan Mayhem II”
2) The Briscoes vs. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin from “Good Times, Great Memories”
3) Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness from “Driven”
4) The Briscoes vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico from “Man Up”
5) Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA from “Driven”
6) Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer from “Supercard Of Honor II”
7) Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima from “Glory By Honor VI: Night 2”
8 tie) Briscoes vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico from “Death Before Dishonor: Night 1”
8 tie) Briscoes vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Matt Sydal from “Respect Is Earned”
10 tie) Bryan Danielson vs. Go Shiozaki from “Live In Tokyo”
10 tie) Dragon Gate six man from “Supercard Of Honor II”

Show Of The Year:
1) “Good Times, Great Memories”
2) “Manhattan Mayhem II”
3) “Fifth Year Festival: Finale”
4) “Glory By Honor VI: Night 2”
5) “Death Before Dishonor V: Night 1”
6) “Driven”
7 tie) “Man Up”
7 tie) “Supercard Of Honor II”
9 tie) “Final Battle 2006”
9 tie) “Respect Is Earned”

Wrestler Of The Year:
1) Bryan Danielson
2) Takeshi Morishima
3) Nigel McGuinness
4) Jay & Mark Briscoe
5) Claudio Castagnoli

1) The Briscoes
2) Bryan Danielson
3) Takeshi Morishima
4) Austin Aries
5) Claudio Castagnoli

Tag Team Of The Year:
1) Jay & Mark Briscoe
2) Kevin Steen & El Generico

Feud Of The Year:
1) Briscoes vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico
2) Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima
3) Nigel McGuinness vs. Takeshi Morishima
4) Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Most Improved:
1) Claudio Castagnoli
2) Chris Hero
3) Davey Richards
4) Jimmy Jacobs
5) El Generico

Most Improved ROH School Student/Graduate:
1) Pelle Primeau
2) Rhett Titus
3) Bobby Dempsey
4) Ernie Osiris
5) Mitch Franklin

Whose Star Shines The Brightest In 2008
1) Chris Hero
2) Claudio Castagnoli
3) Erick Stevens
4) Jimmy Jacobs
5) Mike Quackenbush

Best Interview:
1) Larry Sweeney
2) Jimmy Jacobs
3) Adam Pearce
4) Kevin Steen
5) Bryan Danielson

Best Individual Promo Of The Year:
1) Christopher Daniels at “Good Times, Great Memories”
2) Jimmy Jacobs at “Supercard Of Honor II”
3) Jimmy Jacobs at “All Star Extravaganza III”
4) Bryan Danielson at “Man Up”
5) Adam Pearce at “Respect Is Earned”

SHIMMER Athlete Of The Year:
1) Sara Del Rey
2) Amazing Kong
3) Daizee Haze
4) Lacey
5) Sarah Stock

Thank you to Jeff Schwartz with assistance from Kevin White Jr. and Ryan Capuano for compiling these awards. Most importantly, thank you to everyone out there for all your support in 2007. Now it is time to see what 2008 will bring!!!

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