Rockstar Spud recently sat down for an interview with Tom Feaheny. Below are some of the highlights.

On his feud with EC3 and their fight in London: “We didn’t want to go in their and give a good match. What’s wrong with the pro wrestling business now a days is everyone wants to deliver a great match, five star wrestling match, with me that doesn’t draw money. What got me is the emotional connection between two characters to that moment there, the biggest moment in their Impact Wrestling careers. There I was bleeding and the crowd are going mad, that’s wrestling if not with your eyes, it’s love and hate, good vs. evil.”

On Billy Corgan: “He’s a good guy, he’s offering an opinion out of the wrestling bubble. I’ve had several chats with him and he’s a pro-wrestling fan, that’s what we all are. We could talk each other’s ear off and back in the day. He is a wonderful addition to the team, I’m looking forward to working more with him.”

On wrestling in 2016 in Birmingham during the UK tour: “I used to work by the arena in Birmingham, I used to stare out the window, dreaming of wrestling in it, EC3 V Rockstar Spud has not had it’s conclusion yet, if we go to Birmingham and he’s still champion I want EC3 V Rockstar Spud, I want to be the first Birmingham World Heavyweight Champion, the history we have is money, I’m throwing out the challenge now.”

On his next goal and who he would like to wrestle next: “For me the X-Division championship was a goal I have achieved, now it is time for a new goal. I want to be the World Heavyweight Champion, names I’d like to face Bram, Eric Young, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, guys we have on our roster are superior to anywhere else in the world.”

On plans for a British PPV: “It would be amazing if TNA got a PPV a Slammiversary, a Bound For Glory, Lockdown maybe, I know some things are in the pipeline, there are things in the works, we’ve already had a live PPV on British TV that was aired in the U.S., eventually there will be some great news.”

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