WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair spoke about a number of current topics on the latest edition of his WOOOOO! Nation podcast, such as his prediction for the finals of Sunday’s WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament at Survivor Series, Seth Rollins’ injury and Cesaro’s ability to be a bigger star. Below are some of the highlights of what Flair talked about.

On Seth Rollins’ injury and when he thinks Rollins will be back in the ring:

“Actually, Seth is doing the right thing. He’s going to transfer the flag from Waterloo to Birmingham and stay there for at least two months of rehab, which is the best thing to do. That’s what Hunter did. Hunter just moved right down there when he tore his quad the last time.”

“I think they’re looking at him, praying that he’ll be back for Summerslam.”

On Cesaro’s ability and potential to be viewed as a legitimate threat to Brock Lesnar:

“I feel like Cesaro, given the opportunity and with a vehicle to convey his thoughts, whether it be through himself or through a manager, which would be me, you could get him ready for Brock Lesnar in two months and the people would believe it. He’s that strong and he’s good [of] a performer. And he’s that big. You’re not going to bounce Cesaro around like a dart.” Flair continued, “I think he could be a great opponent for Brock Lesnar. I mean, you’d need to stay on him because his work is phenomenal, he looks like a million bucks, and he’s stronger than a horse in real life. He’s really strong, strongest guy in the company, and that came right from John Cena.”

On who he sees in the finals of Sunday’s WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament at Survivor Series:

“I don’t think they’re going to put Ambrose and Reigns [in the finals] because I don’t know how the crowd would react to that. They’re both kind of like fan favorites and it would be hard for them. I think they’d rather have a definitive good guy/bad guy [match].”

“I would say Kevin Owens [will face Reigns in the finals] because Kevin’s getting a huge reaction over here [in Europe]. We only have a couple [of] heels that are actually heels all the time. Kevin is one of them, Stephanie [McMahon] being the other.”

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