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Wednesday Update: Rhyno (Terrance Gerin) was declared the winner of the Republican Party’s primary election for a political position in Michigan.

Gerin talked to WXYZ in Michigan that he cast his vote Tuesday morning, flew to Nashville for WWE’s Smackdown Live taping, and found out backstage that he was the probable winner.

The race was not called until Wednesday after ensuring that Gerin won the Republican vote for the 15th District State House seat.

“Very happy and honored,” Gerin told the TV station. “I’m happy I won the nomination and going into the general election, I know it’s a different ballgame, right now.”

Gerin said he will continue wrestling his regular schedule, including a new WWE TV role, while campaigning for November’s general election.

“Wrestling is my job, you know sports entertainment. It’s a passion of mine. It’s a great vehicle where I can motivate and inspire people. Kids look up to me, adults look up to you and I wouldn’t want to walk away from that now,” Gerin said.


Tuesday Night Update: Rhyno (Terrance Gerin) has unofficially won the “semi-final” vote running for office in Michigan.

Gerin, who was on the Republican Party’s ballot for the 15th District State House seat, reportedly won the primary by only 54 votes on Tuesday. However, he had not been officially named the winner.

If Gerin is officially named the winner, he will advance to the general election in November to face Abdullah Hammoud from the Democratic Party.

On the same night, Gerin appeared as Rhyno on WWE TV goring Heath Slater to set up a match on next week’s Smackdown Live episode.


Last Tuesday, Rhyno returned to a WWE ring as a new member of the Smackdown Live roster.

This Tuesday, Rhyno has an important date as Terrance Gerin.

Rhyno/Gerin is on the primary ballot for Michigan’s 15th House District seat. If he wins the Republican Party’s nomination, he will advance to the general election in November.

Gerin is going against two other Republican candidates in Tuesday’s primary vote. Gerin noted in March that his political run is not a stunt.

Gerin chose the status of public pools in Dearborn, Mich. as his top issue. The city is contemplating closing many pools, prompting Gerin to introduce his wrestling background of campaigning for companies to sponsor the pools to keep them open.

[ Report & more details at MLive.com ]

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