— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. Johnson talked about his new film “Get Smart” and they showed a clip of Johnson stapling a piece of paper to a guy’s head. He spoke about phasing out “The Rock” name and Jay acknowledged that he’s probably the most famous “Dwayne” in the world. Johnson told a few stories, including a recent one about a drunk woman sneaking onto the set of his new movie “Escape from Witch Mountain” and trying to kiss him while the cameras were rolling. He also talked about being on a private jet that was shaking violently before taking off. He was relieved to hear that the plane was a former Air Force Two (used by the First Lady of the United States) but then was alarmed to learn the First Lady who used it was Nancy Regan, over 20 years ago. Leno asked Johnson his favorite TV shows were and he answered Americas Most Wanted, Extreme Home Make Over and Family Guy.

— The Ultimate Warrior is giving away his signed yellow Intercontinental title that he wore back in 1990. Here is the official statement from Warrior:

“Here is your chance to win the Yellow Autographed Intercontinental Belt signed by the Ultimate Warrior! All you need to do is comment on the video below to enter — comment as many times as you want until we select the winner on June 25. The more you comment, the better chance you have at winning.”

Here’s a link to the Youtube video where you can comment to become eligable.

*SPOILER* The Undertaker’s WWE Return Date REVEALED [>]

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