Reigning TNA Knockouts Women’s Champion Madison Rayne spoke to Brian Fritz of about how she she got interested in pro wrestling, playing a bad girl on television, the state of the Knockouts division, Awesome Kong joining World Wrestling Entertainment, and more.

Rayne was asked to give her thoughts on the state of the Knockouts division, with the interviewer noting that it was extremely successful ‘and then it seemed to go through a bit of a lull.’

She replied, “Yeah, there’s been some ups and downs with the changing faces in the division but I never saw what other people did when they said it was lacking and that there was a shortage of talent or whatever it was they were using to describe the time there when we had a couple of people leaving and a couple new people coming in.

“I’ve always thought that the Knockouts division had a lot of potential and a lot of incredible talent more so now than ever I think. There’s a lot of new faces and a lot of people that the fans are familiar with but haven’t necessarily seen interact with other girls. So, wrestling fans are getting faces and new storylines to follow and new people to see in the ring together. It’s exciting for all of us and I think it’s equally exciting for everyone watching.”

She also commented on the ratings the division draws, as Knockouts bouts frequently garner the highest-rated segments on iMPACT!.

“It feels good because I know how hard we all work and that we bust our butts and we all put 100 percent into every week, every match, every segment, everything we do,” she said. “So, it’s good to know that all our hard work pays off every week.”

Rayne also talked about former TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Awesome Kong reportedly signing with WWE.

“I think she deserves any and every good opportunity that comes her way. So, whether it be here or with another company or doing something that’s not even affiliated with wrestling at all. I think whatever makes Kong happy, I’m happy for because she is a good person, got a big heart and she deserves any opportunity that she gets.

The interview can be read here.

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