RAW this week starts with Y2J’s music. He comes out in full suit and tie. King and Cole talk about Y2J’s controversial moment last night at SS.
He gets in the ring and glares around at the fan who are giving him huge heat. He says he’s not there to apologize. HBK’s the one responsible for what happened to HBK’s wife. He says he didn’t put her in harm’s way. He did, and here’s the proof. Video from SS. HBK says he’s done due to many injuries, but Y2J wants HBK to admit that he put HBK out of the WWE. Y2J tries to hit HBK who ducks. His wife gets hit instead. HBK tends to his wife while Y2J leaves the ring area.
Huge heat on Y2J. “You suck” chants fill the arena. USA blinked out for a moment. Y2J stands in the ring taking the abuse as it goes on and on. Finally he says HBK knew exactly what he was doing in the ring last night. He knew he was leaving. Instead of leaving by video or letter he had to go out and placate his ego one more time, watch as everyone begged him not to leave. It’s the fans fault for what happened to HBK’s wife too. All HBK had to do was look him in the eye and admit Y2J ended his career, do the classy and right thing. HBK’s career is over. All his names and accolades. But his last time in the ring was spent cradling his wife. Him and his family will have to live with it the rest of his life. “HBK” chants. HBK, you had it coming. Y2J leaves the ring to huge heat. He walks up the ramp and doesn’t even look at the fans as he leaves.

– Commercial

Batista comes out in wrestling gear. He stumbles and trips up the stairs. He lands on his knees on the apron. King says his knee is still sore from last night. Paul Burchill is already in the ring.
Batista backs Paul into a corner but he kicks Batista in the knee. Batista telegraphs and he gets kicked for it. Paul works Batista over in a corner. Batista works Paul over in the opposite corner. Paul goes back to work on Batista’s knee with a chop block. Slam to Paul. Shoulders to Paul in a corner. Spine buster to Paul. Batista bomb and he covers for three.

– Winner: Batista

Batista limps around the ring and poses for the fans. Video of high points of the short match.

Adamle is out back. He introduces Primo Colon. Primo starts talking and Adamle runs off to talk to Cena who blows off Adamle to talk to Batista.
Cena says last night was a great match and the better man won. They shake hands and Cena says, “But that was last night.” Cena then walks off with Batista looking after him.

– Commercial

Jillian is in the ring with Katie. Jillian is singing a Chicago song – painfully. The fans give her huge heat. Kelly’s music, thankfully, cuts her off. Kelly comes out in a pink bikini top and matching pants. Mickie comes bouncing out in an ugly cocoa brown version of her ring gear.
Mickie and Jillian lock up. A knee to Mickie’s gut. Jillian tries to monkey flip Mickie who cartwheels out of it. Katie tags in and Mickie takes them both down – Jillian in a bulldog type move and Katie in head scissors. Kelly tags in and works Katie over. Katie has to pull up her pants before they fell down. Head scissors to Katie but then Jillian tags in and they double team Kelly. Jillian stands on Kelly’s hair and pulls her arms up ala Trish. Katie tags in, slams Kelly down and pulls up her pants. Chin lock on Kelly. Kelly gets out but gets slammed face first in the heel corner. Jillian tags in and they double team her. Jillian hits a cheap shot on Mickie who rushes in until the ref gets her out. Jillian tries a cartwheel drop but Kelly gets her knees up. Katie and Mickie tag in. Mickie comes in over the top and head scissors Katie. Mickie drags Jillian in for some abuse. Neck breaker to Katie for two until Jillian rushes in and breaks it up. Kelly rushes in and a double dropkick takes Jillian out. Katie quickly rolls Mickie up, holding her tights, but Mickie kicks out. Mickie hits a huge DDT for three.

– Winners: Mickie & Kelly

They celebrate in the ring and on the ramp.

– Commercial

JBL’s music and out comes his limo. He gets out in wrestling gear. He looks pissed as he heads for the ring. Cole says JBL fired a whole bunch of people at his companies today, for no reason. Jamie Noble comes out to face him.
JBL quickly puts Jamie in a corner but gets it reversed. Jamie throws some punches but JBL tosses him across the ring. Jamie goes for a cross body but gets caught and JBL hits a fall away slam. A huge punch to Jamie in a corner. JBL hits more punches and the ref tries to get him to stop. Slam to Jamie and an bunch of elbow drops. Clothesline from hell and Jamie twitches on the mat. JBL drags a limp Jamie to his feet and hits another clothesline from hell. Again he pulls Jamie to his feet for a third. JBL covers but the rf calls for the bell to stop the match as Jamie is out.

– Winner: JBL

King says the ref stops the match too late. Video of the clotheslines.

– Commercial

There’s some Chicago Cubs in the front row.

Adamle comes out to the stage. He says he has some announcements. Chicago’s own Punk will face Y2J. Shane & Steph have compelled him to make this extraordinary announcement. A new championship concept will be put in effect at the next PPV. 5 superstars, including the champion will be in a 20 minute match. Pinfalls will happen. When the clock stops the one with the most recent win will be the champion. In this match will be Punk, Kane, JBL, Batista and Cena. This is called the Championship Scramble.

Cody and Ted come down to the ring. Cryme Tyme’s music rush out to the ring and steal their title belts before running back up the ramp with them! Ted and Cody are beside themselves and possibly thrown off their game for the match. Cena comes out to face them in a Handicap Match.
Cody slowly gets in the ring but then Ted gets in too. “Cena” chants.

– Commercial

Side head lock on Cody. A punch backs Cena off. Cena goes after Cody who leaves the ring. He gives chase and Cody tags in as he re-enters. Ted runs in and attacks Cena from behind. Cody tags back in and they double team suplex Cena. Ted tags in and drop kicks Cena for two. Double elbow drops Cena and Cody covers for two. Punches to Cena as he gets up to his feet. On his feet they exchange blows until Cody hits a side Russian leg sweep. Ted attacks Cena on the apron while Cody distracts the ref. Cena is on the apron and Cody pushes him off. Cena bounces off the barrier. In the ring Cody covers for two.
Ted tags in. Punches from Cena. Suplex to Cena. Ted drops a punch. Clothesline from Ted. Ted hooks both legs but Cena powers out before three. Cody tags in and covers for two. Cody punches at Cena in the heel corner. Kicks to Cena in the same corner. The ref backs him off and Cena hits a back elbow on Ted. Ted grabs Cena giving Cody the advantage. Cody covers for two. “Cena” chants – mostly female and young. Cena gets tossed from the ring. Cody tosses Cena into the stairs. Cody covers for two. Ted tags in and hits a suplex on Cena. Ted hits another suplex. A forearm to Cena and Ted goes for a third suplex but Cena counters and hits his own suplex. Both are down. Ted tags out.
Cody is taking his time and tries to punch Cena but Cena blocks and punches. Elbows and a shoulder block to Cody. Five knuckle shuffle. He gets Cody up for the FU, but drops him to take out Ted who rushes in. Cena locks on the STFU and Cody taps out.

– Winner: Cena

Cena is pumped in the ring. Video of high point of the match.

– Commercial

Harley Race is in the front row. He stands and waves with a big smile when announced.

Video recap of the HBK and Y2J bit from last night. King and Cole say HBK’s wife has a broken jaw. They have video from after everything last night.
Coles stops HBK and his wife out back. She has a very huge fat lip. HBK doesn’t want to talk and starts walking away. He comes back and says he’s going home to comfort his wife and kid who just saw their mother get punches in the face because of him. Then, then…

Grisham is out back with Punk. Punk has a huge smirk on his face. Grisham brings up HBK and Y2J. Punk says what Y2J did is the lowest of the low. Well, in Chicago they deal with guys like Y2J. If he thinks HBK had it coming to him, well Y2J has it coming to him tonight on Punk’s terms – Chicago style.

Glamarella comes out to the ring with their belts in hand.

– Commercial

D-Lo comes out to the ring to face Santino. Beth leaves the ring but then Kofi’s music hits and he comes out in street clothes. Santino looks nervous. Kofi goes to the announce table.
Knee to Santino. Huge drop kick to Santino. D-Lo then slams Santino down. D-Lo climbs but Santino side steps him and he lands hard. Santino covers for two. Clothesline to Santino then D-Lo drops a leg. D-Lo climbs but then Beth stands in front of a prone Santino. D-Lo gets down and yells in her face (spitting) to, “Get to steppin’” he yells in twice and she slaps him. The bell is rung.

– Winner: D-Lo

D-Lo tosses Santino around and out of the ring. Santino slams into the announce table. Kofi gets up and slams Santino’s face into the announce table. Beth yells at Kofi then grabs her man and the belts and they leave. On the ramp Santino yells at Kofi and D-Lo.

– Commercial

WWE 24/7 – a 1999 Bikini Contest that Stacy thinks she’s won until Trish comes out in lingerie. She had the title belt then.

Kane’s fire and new music. It’s organ music not his old music we all know and love. Video of Kane and Adamle last week when Kane pulled out Rey’s mask from his sack.
He says it looked like the fans were all shocked when he pulled out Rey’s mask. He’s been carrying it around because it made him feel good and comforted him. It even put a smile on his face. Rey hasn’t been seen for about six weeks. There’s a reason for that. He never liked Rey. He doesn’t like him and doesn’t like people who do. He’s a slithering little slime who hides behind a mask. He’s like a fungus that grows in the marshes of your psyche. Six weeks ago in a parking lot he destroyed Rey, but spared his life. His spirit is broken… dead. “Is he alive, or is he dead?” Kane laughs maniacally.
Batista’s music and he rushes to the ring. They fight and a huge spear and spine buster to Kane. Kane takes out Batista’s bad left knee. Kane slams him down. Kane leaves Batista prone in the ring, writhing in pain.

– Commercial

Y2J comes out to the ring with Cade in tow. Punk comes out to face him to huge pop from his hometown. Part of the title belt appear to be fuzzed out, but it might be video troubles as close ups look fine. I noticed this last week too.
Kicks to Y2J then a back elbow. Snap mare to Y2J then akick to his back. Side slam to Y2J. Knees to Y2J in a corner. Y2J comes out punching. Punk gets backed into a corner and beaten down. “CM Punk” chants. Punk manages to roll Y2J up for two but somehow keeps hold in a submission hold until Y2J punches out. Y2J whips Punk. Punk moves as Y2J gets there. Rather than hitting the ring post Y2J goes flying from the ring (might have been a missed spot from the way they were both acting). Punk checks the back of his head for blood then bows to the fans on each side.

– Commercial

Head lock on Punk in the center of the ring. Punk elbows out but Y2J hits a huge clothesline. Punches to Punk. Y2J drops an elbow on punks back. Y2J hits a side slam to Punk. Y2J back bends Punk over his knee. Punk elbows out. Forearms to Y2J. Abdominal stretch to Punk. Y2J punches Punk in the side during the hold. Punk gets out and knees Y2J in the gut. Punk manages a huge kick to Y2J’s face. Both are down. A couple punches to Punk but another huge kick to Y2J. Punk looks like he’s going to hit a pedigree, but flips him up and hits a back breaker. Lionsault to Punk for two. Y2J tries to set up the walls but gets kicked away. Punk rolls Y2J up for a long two. Punk checks the back of his head for blood again. Punk gets whipped but gets an elbow up. “CM Punk” chants. Y2J goes for the walls again and manages to lock it in. Punk crawls and claw his way to the ropes. Punk tries for the GTS but he’s too close to the ropes and Y2J gets away to the apron. Y2J climbs but Punk hits a hugely high knee. A huge bulldog from the top. Cade gets on the apron and Punk runs into him. They hit heads and Punk turns around into the Code breaker for three.

– Winner: Punk

Y2J rolls from the ring. Video of the end of the match.
It ended at 11:00PM again!

Biggest pop
Cryme Tyme

Biggest heat
Cody & Ted

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